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2019’s Top Luxury Adventure Destinations

Having an adventure in a mundane life filled with work pressures, deadlines and boring tasks is quite an essential factor for the contemporary traveler. It not only brings an adrenaline rush but also brings a new zeal in looking at life.

Adventurous spirit usually makes the traveler explore more such places all around the world and 2019 has witnessed more such places which offer the much-needed thrill. Indulging in enthralling adventures also gives a sense of rejuvenation to the person and keeping them active in social life.

Recently, the CEOWORLD magazine polled 1,200 adventure travel specialists, luxury travel advisors, and luxury-adventure travelers to ask about what’s hot in luxury adventure travel. Iceland Tops List.

Other findings from the survey were 25% of luxury-adventure travelers are between 50 and 65, with 56% between 35 and 50, and 19% are age 65 and above. In terms of destinations, the following were the top choices for those who want a dose of adventure with their luxury.

2019’s Top Luxury Adventure Destinations:

  1. Japan
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Taiwan
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Iceland
  6. Italy
  7. Patagonia, South America
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Peloponnese , Greece
  10. Moab, Utah, United States

Adventure travel specialists, luxury travel advisors, and luxury-adventure travelers were also asked what the most popular and preferred activities were:

  1. Hiking/trekking
  2. Yachting
  3. Biking
  4. Kayaking
  5. Food and wine
  6. Safaris/wildlife viewing
  7. Walking
  8. Photography
  9. Scuba diving
  10. Arts and culture

Here are some of the best luxury adventure destinations in the year 2019:

  1. Japan: This amazing country is the host for Rugby World Cup this year and naturally attracting many travelers all around the world. Dwell into a variety of adventurous towns along with Sushi cuisine to get your taste buds satiated during the thrill!
  2. Uzbekistan: The exotic country has introduced E- visa in the year 2018 thereby attracting more travelers Get a taste of adventure as well as unique history by dwelling into this amazing place.  The country also witnessed 72% hike in the number of travelers in the past five years- thanks to the growing popularity.
  3. Taiwan: If you are looking for amazing shopping options along with breathtaking eastern adventure, Thailand is the place. An amazing foodie adventure awaits you at this fantastic place and it is also proclaimed as Asia’s most food-obsessed country.
  4. Sri Lanka: Want to dwell in the unexplored coastlines along with some lush green forests? This marvelous country has some magical experiences coupled with history. The place also offers a wide range of adventure options for the yearning traveler.
  5. Iceland: The most peaceful country of the World, Iceland has a wide range of camping options and brilliant adventure destinations. Being a culturally rich country, Iceland also offers some dangerous landscapes thereby giving more room for adventures. This country also has the world’s lowest crime rates making it the most travel-friendly place.
  6. Italy: Embark on a timeless historic adventure by trailing the paths of Romans and the ancient Christian history in this amazing country. Moreover, the food here is quite inquisitive and adventurous as well. With warm and a sunny climate, Italy is the most outdoor friendly destination in Europe.
  7. Patagonia (South America, Argentina and Chile): This exotic country will be witnessing a rare solar eclipse spectacle on July 2nd, and thereby attracting more travelers than ever before. With lush landscapes and wide mountain range, Patagonia offers great hiking and mountaineering options.
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark: With a rich history and breathtaking architectural marvels, Copenhagen also offers great scope for bikers.  Dwell in the growing street food scene, or indulge in the wildlife, this place is quite travel-friendly for the international traveler.
  9. Peloponnese , Greece: The historic country is world famous for Santorini and Acropolis for the breathtaking marvels they are.  Sport adventurers can try a hand in rock climbing, paragliding, and river rafting as well. For beach lovers, this country offers pristine sandy beaches giving solitude. Enjoy the train ride to witness the beauty of southern Greece and its landscapes.

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