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5 Myths About India You Should Stop Believing Now

Mumbai, India

India is a beautiful country shrouded in mystery. This is what has been passed on for generations, but in truth, India is so much more than just what is said about it.

For starters, India is sure not a land of snake charmers, and you do not run the risk of being attacked by a tiger while in the country. People in the country are trying hard to save the falling number of big cats.

In this article, I will tell you five myths about India which need immediate debunking.

Indian Women Have No Relations To Studying Or Working

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Indian women are not only amongst the smartest working women today but are also rapidly outperforming their male counterparts.

They are achieving all that they want and are establishing new benchmarks in the field of academics.

The internal examinations (the ones that pertain only to the Indian education system) and the international standards are seeing a great spike in the number of female achievers from the country.

If anything, it is the male members of the country who are striving hard to play catch up, with one of the most talented residents the world over. And to make sure of that fact, all that you have to do is look around you!

Indians Eat Only Vegetarian Cuisine

There is nothing more that Indians like than feasting. Be it for their family members or for welcoming a guest, Indians are known to prepare some of the most deliciously relishing dishes.

And when it comes to spices, the reputation that India holds is world renowned. India is an amalgamation of several different cultures, and that has transformed equally in the recipes that Indians have.

From vegetarian to meat, from traditional to seafood, there is nothing that you will not find and savor here. So if a lack of appetite was what was holding you back from planning a trip, do visit the country. You might even get to leave with more dishes than you have ever tasted.

Arambol Beach

Poverty Is India’s National State

Contrary to popular belief, India is not as poor as it is often portrayed to be. There are billionaires and millionaires here too. You can find a large number of people living in luxury. What most people take for poverty is the lack of space. India is a populous country and loves to live together.

The people of the country have got large families that have been staying together for generations. This is not poverty but family love that keeps them from leaving their motherland behind. From gold ornaments to diamond jewelry, you will find everything in ample here.

Traveling In India Is Dangerous

Traveling in India is anything but dangerous. The transport system is organized well enough to ferry a large number of people that use it every day. And as the population is scattered across the whole country, you will never find a place where you cannot find help lest you get stuck. Traveling in India is part of discovering India.

You get to meet a lot of people who have a lot many tales of the place that they have been to and are coming from. The administrative authority has improved a lot since the days that gave India a bad name among international destinations.

There Is Only Taj Mahal To See In This Country

This is the second biggest misconception after the one that claims that India is only the land of snake charmers. India is a vast country (7th largest in the world) and that translates equally in the number of places that you can get to see here. The states scattered across India have all their own cultures. And, that makes it all the more interesting to witness.

You get to witness dialects, monuments, places, spices, natural sights, landscapes and a variety of weather all in one country. It is one of the most learning experiences that you can have while traveling internationally. You get to see the whole world in one country.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Myths About India You Should Stop Believing Now
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