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Top 5 Tips For Dressing For An Interview

Inappropriate attire often sabotages job interviews, so make sure you choose the right outfit for yourself! The dressing is what leaves the first impression; even before words. It is as important as your resume, so don’t go easy on it.  
There isn’t a straight-forward answer to what you should wear for the job interview as some interviewers expect a three-piece suit, the others expect a casual shirt and jeans. Though there aren’t any easy solutions, we, definitely, have a few guidelines for you to follow and get your hands on that job!

Match Your Outfit to the Workplace’s Dress Code

During your research about the company, try figuring out the level of formality they follow. The company’s social media may have pictures of its employees which can give you an insight into their dress code and dressing requirements.

If you find the workplace to be casual, a button-down shirt with a knee length skirt would go well for a woman. A pair of jeans with a blouse or a cardigan can also be paired up for a professional-looking casual attire. For men, a button-down shirt with a pair of jeans and semi-formal shoes can prove to be very impressive and appropriate.

On the other hand, if you find the workplace to be semi-formal or business casual, a button-down shirt with a cardigan paired up with a pencil skirt or dress pants would be appropriate for women. For men, a decent button-down shirt with a pair of formal trousers, tie and loafers can do wonders.

Many workplaces have a formal dress code. For women, a tailored dress with matching pants and jacket would be apt. Men can count on a button-down shirt, a tie and a suit pants with a jacket.

Follow the Trend

You surely wouldn’t want to see your interview being messed up because of your clothing. So, throw away those outdated outfits lying in your wardrobe and if needs be, go shop a couple of in-trend pieces of clothing.

Wearing such in-trend outfit gives an impression that you are aware about what is going on lately. Although wearing too fresh styles is also not recommended. Dressing as if you’re ready for a night out or a music concert is a no-no. Dress as if you’ve been through similar jobs and have good experience.

Don’t Forget to Focus on Shoes

For men, laces are important for a formal workplace, whereas, a pair of loafers would do just fine at a business casual and a casual environment. Invest in a pair of leather shoes and enjoy the perks of durability and comfort in addition to looking great for your interview. When it comes to your socks, stick to basics. Don’t try going out of the box with it.

On the other hand, for women, the length of the heels is important. No more than 3 inches of heels is recommended to maintain a professional look. Opt for a black pair of heels as it can be combined with multiple outfits. If you don’t prefer wearing heels, you can go for a ballet flat or kitten heels in a neutral colour. Make sure to NOT wear open-toed shoes to the interview.

Say NO to revealing clothes

Keep in your mind, at all times, that you are heading out for an interview and not for a late night party. Take out of consideration anything that is too showy and revealing. Such clothing may be appealing and trendy, but they definitely would mess up your interview.

So, consider something sophisticated and unrevealing instead and head out for that interview in full confidence!

Minimal Accessories

Go easy on accessories. Women should replace those big hoops with classic studs and avoid anything too flashy. Large sunglasses, flashy necklaces and chandelier earrings should be eliminated. When it comes to makeup, try to go for a natural look. Avoid any bright lipstick or dark eyeshadow. Stick with a tinted lip balm a light coat of mascara. Men should be mindful of what accessories they are wearing; anything you would wear to a club should be avoided. Focus on looking sophisticated, not flashy.

Go light on fragrances as well. An overwhelming spray of scent shouldn’t be something your interviewer notices about you.  Also, take those earphones off as you enter the office premises. Earphones may give an impression of being unfocussed and distracted and that’s the last thing you want for yourself.

Additional Pointers

For Men:

  • Make sure your hair looks clean and tidy and are well-set
  • Don’t forget to iron your clothes
  • Avoid flashy clothing and loud colors
  • Your shoes should be polished and tidy
  • Be well-groomed
  • Your clothes should fit your well and shouldn’t be too baggy

For Women:

  • Get your outfit tailored as you do not want it to be too tight or too loose
  • Don’t go too short on your skirt. Anything shorter than knee-length is too short
  • It is advisable to wear nail polish and makeup of neutral color and nothing too shiny or bright
  • Your hair should look professional and polished. No creativity with your hair is appreciated
  • Your clothes should be well ironed and cleaned.
  • Say no to animal prints, laces or low-cut
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