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5 Facts You Should Know About Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

One of the most iconic structures of all times, Gold Gate Bridge is an easily recognizable symbol of the San Francisco state. But that is not its only legacy. There is a number of unique facts that you might not know about the bridge and its history. And if you have found your way up to this point to this article then surely, your interest must be piqued too.

So, without further ado, I present to you five such facts that you might not know about this iconic structure and its rich history.

  • Color Me Orange

The rich orange color of the bridge was never meant to be permanent. It was just a chance that made it into a permanent coating. The time the building material for the bridge arrived, it was covered in an orange colored primer to keep it from rusting. This was supposed to be only a temporary arrangement until more permanent decisions could be taken.

But so preceded the course of events that the lead architect decided to leave it at that and make its signature orange its permanent color. Due to its orange coating, it is not only visible from afar in fog but also compliments the natural topography of the area.

  • The Army and the Air Force and the Navy Too!

Each of them had their own plans as to what the color of the bridge should be. It’s positioning not only caused a situation to arise in the Navy but also caused a safety alarm. The main concern was that ships would not be able to navigate correctly in foggy conditions. They wanted to paint the bridge in black and yellow stripes so that its visibility might be increased in times of fog.

The air force, on the other hand, had other designs. They did not go for anything so dim but rather wanted it to have a bright red and white striped design so that it might be visible from up in the sky. Thankfully, the bright orange color was able to solve both the problems and we were able to get the signature look. Who knows, we might have had a multi-colored bridge today.

  • The Halfway To Hell Club

Ever major monument has got its own share of stories that add life and a sense of adventure to the place. The Golden Gate Bridge is no exception. During the construction of the bridge, there were nineteen workers who survived a fall from its heights. This rare feat earned them the distinction of a unique brotherhood which came to be known as the Halfway to Hell Club.

This can also be attributed to the high focus that was laid on the safety of the workers. The huge safety net was responsible for catching these nineteen workers before they fell to their deaths. And as they had fallen halfway through, hence the unique name Halfway to Hell.

  • Putting Up Personal Properties as a Collateral

There is a very particular reason as to why the bridge has got such a perfect resonance with the people of the society. The bridge was built at the time of the Great Depression. It was such a time when no one had enough to fill their own homes. At such a time, the bridge was built using the people’s properties as collateral.

Government bonds were issued that were discounted till as early as the 1970s. 35 million dollars was a huge amount of money to be put in at that time and it was only possible with the coming together of the community as a whole. It showed the forward-thinking attitude of the people. They knew that this bridge was vital to the development of trade.

  • Wires, Wires, and Wires!

This one you might have already read in super interesting facts. As I was talking about a large amount of money being invested in the building of this bridge, this money was required for the number of wires being used to build the bridge.

It is estimated that the amount of wires that have been used in the making of the Golden Gate Bridge is enough to wrap around the Earth not once but thrice! Imagine that!

Why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate Bridge gets its name because it spans what is called the Golden Gate Strait that connects the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Facts You Should Know About Golden Gate Bridge

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