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With These 5 Ways, Even The Busiest Entrepreneurs Can Stay Fit


Being an entrepreneur can be hectic, and you may not find time to do things you love. But despite having a busy life, you should always find some time to exercise. Working out makes you more productive, energetic, and creative. Every jog, press up, weight lifted, or every single rotation on the cycle keeps your body fit. Here are ways you can stay fit regardless of your schedule.

Schedule Your Workout

You are able to steal some time for a date with your better half or for a drink with your crew, so why not for a workout? Of all the things that come first which include your job, the business meetings, your family and your employees, exercise should be part of that list. Without exercise, how can our bodies be energetic and better versions?

Plan a schedule, probably a daily or weekly and mark your calendar. The calendar will always remind you of the commitments and ensure you never miss your workout sessions. Also, consider hiring a personal trainer.

Create a Reasonable Schedule

It’s ideal to have a dedicated schedule that fits your business and personal needs. You should set specific hours for your business and stick to them for instance from 9 to 6. Create some breaks in between your schedule and make it a daily habit.

All these elements are vital in keeping your schedule balanced, and you will be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle and stay fit when you follow a regular schedule. You can also take some time at the park and disconnect from technology.

Find  a Gym Nearby

If you are traveling, ensure that the hotel that you intend to book has a gym. If it isn’t possible, you can book a hotel with a gym nearby and buy a guest pass to the gym. You can also travel with your dumbbells or resistance tubing.

For the resistance tubing, it’s cheap and lightweight, and you can use it to have a full body workout in the tiniest of the hotel rooms.

Wear your tracksuit and jog from the hotel to your destination in case you need to commute. Studies shows that using supplement oxygen while exercising allows to exercise longer with great intensity. That is why you should take your portable oxygen concentrator with you at the hotel for oxygen therapy before and after exercising.

Be Creative

Most entrepreneurs spend most of their time in office, sitting. If they aren’t at their office desk, they are on their car seats, at cafes, or the boardroom. They are sometimes so caught up that they can’t find even ten minutes to work out. But if you find excuses to skip exercising, you will always find it, and you will probably never work out.

You can be creative though. The trick to not having enough time to exercise is integrating it into your daily workflow. One of the strategies used by the late Steve Jobs were “walking meetings”. You can go cycling with your friends as you talk business, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, and walk to your favorite food joint.

Consume a Balanced Diet

Eating the right diet is another key to fitness. How do you begin your day? It should be with a protein-packed breakfast to help your body gain energy, get fuelled for the rest of the day so that you can stay focused. You can carry your lunch from home or walk to the restaurant a few blocks from your office.

Visit a dietician and nutritionist to suggest custom meals that can take care of your body requirements. Most of the food should be fresh veggies and fruits. Avoid foods that can make you gain weight and put your health at risk. Fried foods are a no-no!

Conclusion: Staying fit is not an option but a necessity. You have to keep fit to maintain good health and remain active. Consider changing your schedule and eat a balanced diet.

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