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7 Instagram Tips to Grow Your Business


Instagram is a popular platform for people to share images and brief stories behind them. It is owned by another platform, Facebook, but the latter is more text and link based, while Instagram is just meant for pictures. In a world where all modern-day smartphones mandatorily have a camera, a video recording option and provision for access to the internet, Instagram is obviously a big hit. So, listed below are some tips to grow your business using Instagram.

Switch To A Business Profile As Quickly As Possible

Switching to a business profile is a clever thing to do. However, for this, you will first need a Facebook page. This page can then be linked to your business account on Instagram. Make sure you have a reliable team of professionals to look after the Instagram account. Having a personal profile can often lend the impression that you are not professional, discouraging customers. It also keeps you from simple Instagram tools available to business profiles which let you monitor your reach.

Avoid Using Hashtags Which Have Been Banned

Some hashtags are often found to be offensive by the Instagram community. The app’s developers often respond by banning those hashtags and hence, making it impossible for people to see posts related to it, even if the hashtag is valid. Switching to a business profile may be a practical move, but you are supposed to be acquainted with the theories related to it.

Look for Outreach Using Promotional Posts

Design suitable promotional posts. Then, with the help of Instagram’s payable promotional tool, have those posts boosted. Boosted posts are able to reach all people in a given niche. You will have to choose who you would want your target audience to be, and the post will pop up on their news feed automatically. The same feature is available for the Facebook page too!

Use Less Popular Hashtags to Be Featured in the “Top”

Use hashtags which have not been used too often. For example, if you use a hashtag like “#art”, you are unlikely to be noticed, as thousands of posts with the same tag appear every second. Choose your hashtags wisely. Some businesses have achieved success using social media and hashtags quite well. Take the example of Daddy Couture and their successful Instagram handle – all it needs is good planning and dedicated execution.

Contests and Giveaways Are Always Welcome

Contests and giveaway posts somehow seem to respond better. If you have a giveaway and if you can publicize it properly, there won’t be any trouble in having things sorted out. Once you have worked on the contest and how you intend to go about it, try to have this publicized. Get more people to know about it by boosting the post, and thus improving your online image.

Get Featured to Increase Your Reach

Partner with online accounts on social media to get your creatives dispersed. It is often assumed that the more profiles you have your posts on, the more people they reach. However, that is not all. You need to choose good, popular profiles which people will actually visit. Try to keep circulating creatives from time to time, as advertisements are effective if they are repetitive.

Get Advertisements Done Through Social Media Influencers

Can’t afford a movie star to do promotions? Try a social media influencer. If people with a large number of followers can do posts and publicity for you, you probably don’t have to worry about having to reach too many people. Social media stars can be anybody from models to video makers, and they can all contribute to spreading the word about your organization.

Instagram is a very useful platform. You will definitely be able to share your ideas and add images. Since this social media website focuses on the image more than the text, you need to make sure you have the right creatives ready. This means you will have to spend a collective amount of time having things sorted out. Work hard on social media, as it is a very impressive place for advertisements. With that worked out, you will have to worry less about marketing.

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