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Hiring Guide To Pick The Right Person For The Job

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Since I have opened my business a few years back, I have talked to so many business owners and hiring managers, my first question is always “how are you guys hiring?” and “what process do you have in place to ensure you are hiring the right person?” I was surprised that a lot of them didn’t have any strategies in place, but at the same time, I have learned from a lot of great leaders what to do and what not to do while hiring. Most importantly it is very important to have a strong process in place.

The first step in the process is to decide that you are ready to hire. When you have decided the kind of individual you need to add to your group, you have to compose the expected set of responsibilities, compensation package, now that you are ready to start the pursuit. Where do you go to find the people to help you apprehend your business vision?

The best place to start is within your own business network. Contact others whom you regard and let them realize you are scanning for a great employee with an entrepreneurial spirit. Numerous entrepreneurs are ending up in the worrying position of firing great workers, and they would respect the chance to elude those individuals at whatever point possible. (In any case, remember the significance of distinguishing an applicant who has entrepreneurial experience.)

There is always an abundance of people who are looking for a job, from friends to colleagues. Networking is a great way of finding competent individuals.

The following are ten smart hiring practices that, if followed, will assist managers in hiring the right person for the job—individuals who are not only technically capable but also are a great fit with the culture of the department or organization.

  1. Provide a point description which is specified for advertising or during an interview.
    It is recommended to get the opinion of all the teammates to decide the criteria and merit for a person to successfully attain the position.
  2. Hire for attitude, train for technical competence.
    People who are eager to learn to achieve success in their positions have a great attitude and this is most important teaching you get as a manager. A discouraging attitude can decrease the motivational level and can affect the attitude of the whole team in a bad manner.
    As I have heard once from a great leader that he hired people with a philosophy of ACES in mind. A=Attitude, C=Confidence, and E=Enthusiasm. These letters are prerequisite for S=Success.
  3. Have multiple people on the team to interview the candidate one-on-one.
    The interview of the candidate should be one-on-one and there must be multiple people of the team on board. By following these criteria we witnessed many benefits over time. Firstly, everyone has a different method of measuring strengths and areas of concern in a candidate.
    Secondly, candidates are called on multiple times for an interview. During the process of multiple interviews, candidates who are not up to the mark filtered out. Lastly, when it is decided the candidate will be hired, more than one people take up the responsibility of the individual’s success.
    (Note: It is a good idea to inform the candidates prior to the interview that there will be more than one interviewer.)
  4. Open-Ended questions should be asked in the interview.
    To gather accurate information, open-ended questions are preferred rather than close-ended questions. For Example, if a person has expertise in Excel, so a good question would be: “In which computer programs do you have a high level of expertise and give me examples of projects.” .A bad question would be, “Have you ever used Excel?”. Through open-ended question, accurate information is gathered along with honest responses.
  5. Cut your losses as soon as possible if you miss-hired.
    Hiring an incompetent person is commonly occurring in the career of every manager. It is learned that there are more wrong hires than terminations. It is recommended to prepare the new employee through counseling and coaching and if that doesn’t work, finish your ties with that employee and start the process again. It is also learned through many managers and supervisors that the termination should be done in the first 90 days in case a wrong person is hired. Otherwise, the problem will get worse. Great managers and leader have the ability to tackle such problems.
  6. Check references.
    This step is often overlooked. You gain the knowledge of candidates’ previous affiliation and work-related ethics through checking the references. Legal framework and limitation make the checking of references difficult but it is worth dealing with all the legalities to hire a good candidate rather than a marginal candidate.
  7. Test for the skills. To measure the ability of candidate a skill test is a good option which can be proofing a letter with error and this can make a lot of difference during the process to hire a candidate who seems to be good enough is actually not the good one. Another skill test includes writing a letter to the company.
  8. Assign a buddy.
    When an employee is hired, assist the employee with a team member which will help the employee to achieve success in the organization. This task is often given to the HR department as employee orientation comes under Job of HR.  After the orientation is done, the new employee needs to get familiar with other teammates.
  9. Make sure they have everything they need to start.
    The new employee should be equipped with all the needed tools necessary prior to their first day. It is an encouraging way to welcome the team by providing all the essential things needed from the desk to a computer.
  10. Communication is always key.
    Use a considerable amount of time to communicate with the new employee regularly as a manager. Ask, “How is everything going?” and “Is there anything else we can do to support you and ensure your success?”

I have the privilege to introduce the concept of smart hiring practices. By following this guide, you have a great chance to hire the right person for the job.

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