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The Best Countries For Business In Europe For Non-European Investors, 2019

Despite Brexit fears, the United Kingdom ranks on top of CEOWORLD magazine’s Best Countries For Business In Europe For Non-European Investors ranking for the second straight year.

With a robust economic outlook, the United Kingdom boasts a highly educated labor supply fueled by graduates from some of the world’s best colleges and universities, including elite institutions like the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and University College London.

Switzerland moves up one place to finish second. CEOWORLD magazine has rated the business climates of the 35 European Countries annually since 2008, with only Luxembourg (twice), Switzerland (four times) and the United Kingdom (five times) finishing in the top spot. The 11th version looks at 20 metrics across four main categories: business costs, Labor Supply, economic climate, and quality of life. Rounding out the top five are Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

The Best Countries For Business In Europe For Non-European Investors, 2019:

RankCountryPopulationGDPBusiness CostsLabor SupplyQuality of LifeEconomic Climate
1United Kingdom65.6 million$2.6 trillion79957975
2Switzerland8.4 million$659.8 billion72688265
3Denmark5.7 million$306.1 billion73947170
4Sweden9.9 million$511.0 billion80756171
5Finland5.5 million$236.8 billion63636168
6Norway5.2 million$370.6 billion71907060
7Netherlands17.0 million$770.8 billion74667567
8Luxembourg583.0 thousand$59.9 billion64878188
9Liechtenstein37.0 thousand$ 6.28billion69846878
10Ireland4.8 million$294.1 billion82816774
11Cyprus1.1 million$21.6 billion83919376
12Austria8.7 million$386.4 billion92716366
13Germany82.7 million$3.5 trillion64676474
14Estonia1.3 million$25.9 billion91859593
15France66.9 million$2.5 trillion80786379
16Greece10.7 million$194.6 billion85916688
17Poland37.9 million$469.5 billion61748166
18Spain46.4 million$1.2 trillion68826489
19Belgium11.35 million$492.7 billion90668071
20Malta460.0 thousand$12.5 billion66769260
21Slovenia2.1 million$44.0 billion95737293
22Bulgaria7.1 million$52.4 billion82739063
23Czech Republic10.6 million$192.9 billion92616564
24Italy60.6 million$1.8 trillion60818980
25Latvia2.0 million$27.7 billion71689180
26Croatia4.2 million$50.4 billion60796889
27Romania19.7 million$186.7 billion85606479
28Iceland338.0 thousand$24 billion73799468
29Lithuania2.8 million$47 billion95627184
30Slovakia5.4 million$95.7 billion67836178
31Andorra76 thousand$3 billion76827692
32Hungary9.8 million$124.3 billion65926867
33Ukraine45.0 million$93.3 billion64756865
34Belarus9.5 million$47.4 billion70909195
35Monaco38.0 thousand$6.2 billion88716294
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