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How the Most Successful Organizations Unlock Productivity and Align-ment

Today, less than 10 percent of all organizations successfully execute their business strategy. What is it about that 10 percent that enables their success?

Strategically aligned enterprises are made capable by their organizational resources, including people, structures, cultures, work processes and the tools they use to remain productive and on the same page. However, having the right tools and systems for the job no longer presents a competitive advantage– almost every organization relies on popular business software like Trello, Salesforce, Slack and the Atlassian Suite.

The unfair advantage for those successful organizations comes from the opportunities that exist where they are able to integrate their core applications with each other and within their team processes to improve the amount and quality of information extracted from conversations both internally and with clients. These integrations can help organizations better manage productivity, improve customer relationships and boost revenues.

Unfortunately, from an information and resource perspective, countless companies still operate in disparate silos, focusing on one function or process at a time. This leads to valuable insights and important information being trapped inside the silo, as well as duplication of efforts, information and a lack of cooperative interaction and alignment across the entire enterprise. Worse yet, the bigger a company is, the more pronounced this problem can become, creating an environment where sharing and collaboration are virtually impossible.

Today, we all intuitively know that effective communication is critical to driving alignment and success. The new insight, though, is that communication is no longer just person to person. Software integration allows software to communicate with other software, as well as with people.This new type of communication is vital, or the message being conveyed can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration and information can fall through the cracks.

Encouraging Software to Play Well Together

Applications that encourage integration can add value to the products your company is already using, creating an ecosystem of productivity. Imagine collaboration apps such as Slack or Stride automatically updating everyone in your organization about the key insights and feedback revealed during a meeting, or immediately logging a CRM activity in Salesforce or HubSpot and automatically sending tasks to project management software, including Trello, Github or Jira, with the simple click of a button.

Communication, not only between teams and customers, but between the applications your team already uses, is essential for organizations to become productive and cross-functional, delivering on what their customers’ needs. Software tools make it easy for your entire company, from sales to marketing, customer service, engineering and beyond, to share important information about customers and work together to deliver on customer requirements and opportunities. Forward-thinking business leaders have optimized their customer strategies by integrating cross-functional applications.

Applications such as Hugo, a meeting notes platform that allows teams to stay connected and aligned with their colleagues and customers in real time, are focused on enhanced deep integrations as advances in technology continue to alter the way we work. By automatically integrating a team’s meeting notes with all of their favorite applications, Hugo streamlines the communications process while improving information sharing across the entire internal organization as well as with clients.

Improved application integration and team collaboration allows organizations to improve customer success, produce more, faster and more effectively capture important ideas and customer feedback. By broadening the focus on communication to include the flow of information and functionality between applications, companies on the cutting edge unlock organizational productivity and alignment.

Tools that facilitate collaboration provide access to the data needed to unlock productivity and alignment across the entire organization, providing a seamless customer experience. In the modern workplace, integrated productivity software tools have become resources organizations can no longer afford to look past. Accomplishing more work in less time and breaking down information silos is something business owners have endeavored to achieve forever — and software is finally allowing your enterprise to do more with fewer tools.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How the Most Successful Organizations Unlock Productivity and Align-ment
Darren Chait
Darren Chait is a co-founder and COO of Hugo, the meeting note platform that keeps your team connected with what your customers are thinking and saying. It enables fast-moving teams to make meeting insights shareable and actionable in their existing tools.