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What makes you a real CEO?

You’re never really a leader as long as you don’t understand what you’re leading. The Chief Executive of Operations is nothing if he/she doesn’t know the operations. Ultimately, the people working below you are not your slaves. They need to be acknowledged.

And they need to acknowledge you as he/she who drives the herd of a company towards a better destination. So, the pressure is real if you actually recognize your duties. It’s high paying but ultimately the decisions of the company are being executed by you therefore you have responsibility. You owe it to those who put you there to do right by them.

Pros of Connecting with Your Subordinates:

It would be a remarkable experience to meet a CEO who not only knows the names and exact jobs of all his company but knows those people personally. Be it a major list of employees but given the number of people in the world you can meet and connect with, it’s nothing. Being connected with each and every part of the body is how the brain decides and executes. If the brain rests easy while a foot severs, the body will be compromised and unable to work.

People have a sense of connectivity towards their workplaces since that’s where they’re at for the most part of the day. If you take those businesses and companies for example where they have CEOs who are mostly secretive and alienated from their subordinates, it creates a sense of envy and in most cases, hatred towards the boss figure. Sure, they don’t act on it but most people deviate to find a more interactive and engaging environment.

Their devotion and consequently their efficiency and dedication towards the work will be affected. You can have a chat with your employees every once in a while. Ask them about their lives and connect with them on a human level.

Pros of Knowing your Operations:

You can choose to remain alienated with your company’s works. Businesses are always facing ups and downs and most of the time, the CEO is called to be held accountable. When a storm hits and a whole check-up of the executed operation is required, you’ll have to explain. Your inability to understand how your company’s operations are being executed and by who will really be decisive for your career.

You can know the little things that are going wrong by installing various surveillances on company property. These days, you can have so much from the market that can help you have full knowledge of what’s going on around you.

The key is to know where. For example, on company handed out devices, you can install security software that tells you everything that is being done through the device. Monitor the actions, the communication, the data on your company’s network. Hoverwatch is one such software that can help you achieve just that.

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