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Ranked: The Most And Least Transparent Real Estate Markets In The World 2018

The United Kingdom’s property market is the most transparent real estate market in the world for 2018, a new study by property research company Jones Lang LaSalle has found. The rest of the top five are Australia, the United States, France, and Canada.

The Netherlands took the sixth position out of 100 countries, followed by New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden.

Among nations in Asia, Singapore was the highest in 12th place, followed by Hong Kong in 13th and Japan in 14th. Malaysia came in 30th, followed by South Korea in 31st, China in 33rd, and Thailand in 34th. India, meanwhile, was ranked 35th — up one place from the previous survey.

The Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2018, now in its 10th edition, measures the transparency of 100 countries’ real estate markets by gauging factors such as data availability, governance of public agencies or transaction processes, and associated costs.

The 20 most transparent real estate markets in the world 2018

1. United Kingdom
2. Australia
3. United States
4. France
5. Canada
6. Netherlands
7. New Zealand
8. Germany
9. Ireland
10. Sweden
11. Finland
12. Singapore
13. Hong Kong
14. Japan
15. Switzerland
16. Belgium
17. Denmark
18. Italy
19. Spain
20. Poland

Suprisingly, these are the world’s top 20 most transparent real estate markets 2018:

The 20 least transparent real estate markets in the world 2018:

1. Venezuela
2. Libya
3. Senegal
4. Mozambique
5. Ivory Coast
6. Iraq
7. Honduras
8. Dominican Rep.
9. Ethiopia
10. Guatemala
11. Tanzania
12. Bahamas
13. Belarus
14. Algeria
15. Cayman Islands
16. Angola
17. Uganda
18. Tunisia
19. Oman
20. Lebanon

These are the world’s top 20 least transparent real estate markets 2018:

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