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Management 101: How to Run Your Team Successfully

Every business needs a well-organized team in order to function effectively and thrive. As a manager, it’s your duty to assemble a team that can work well together and be trusted to complete their duties on their own. While it may sound like a simple task, it requires a lot of planning, observation and good training on your part.

Leading online fashion retailers JJ’s House and VeryVoga are shining examples of businesses that have employed and organized successful teams. From customer service to web design and everything in-between, both of these brands stand on top when it comes to customer satisfaction and it’s all thanks to their well-functioning teams. Read on for some tips on how to run your team successfully too.

Set a Goal

A great way to keep your team motivated is to set a goal and have everyone work toward it. It helps to keep an incentive for everyone once the goal is reached, or to have an incentive for the winner for some friendly competition.

Try setting a sales target or a goal involving inventory or customer counts. If it’s a team goal, use an incentive like a party or a team outing if the goal is reached. If it’s an individual goal, set a monetary incentive or use something like a gift card. These goals will help your business thrive while keeping your team motivated and working well together.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities can be excellent ways to help your team get to know one another and feel comfortable working together. These activities can help break the ice between team members who might be shy and not know one another. They can also bring team members closer together, which will help them work more efficiently at work.

Team building activities are games that can be played in the office or on an outing. If you have the budget and are able to get your team together on an off-day, taking a trip to the beach or park to play some games outdoors can be a fun idea. There are plenty of excellent team building activity ideas online, so you can try anything that would suit you and your team.

Equal Bonus

Everyone loves to make more money, so bonus incentives are usually one of the best ways to motivate your team if you have the budget for it. Setting an equal bonus for all team members so that everyone on the team earns an equal part if a particular goal is met can help everyone work well together in order to earn that extra money.


As you get to know your team better, you’ll find that certain people naturally fall into certain roles. An important role in any team is that of team leader. Appointing this role is important because this person will be responsible for delegating roles and responsibilities when you as the manager are unable to. A good team leader is someone who can communicate well and is organized, respectful and fair.

If you want to have a successful business, you need to have a successful team. Follow these examples and start setting up a winning team of your own for success.

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