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How to Become a Better Entrepreneur with ASKfm 2.0 Q&A Community

We live in an incredible age with not only unprecedented access to practically all the world has ever known, but also to one another. We have to realize that technologies like the telephone, personal computer and smartphone app are all relatively recent innovations and this is largely unexplored territory. If there is ever anything that you’re curious about, you are literally only a few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps away from discovering almost anything.

And while search engines continue to improve and the online content is being created at a breakneck pace, there is still remarkable value in getting that one-to-one connection with another human being to learn something new. This is especially true in the world of online marketing and business, where individuals are more open with each other on how to build a successful brand, business online, and simply providing more insight to help others without asking for anything in return.

One such platform that is helping to lead such conversation is ASKfm, which is also the largest Q&A social network in the world. Through the site, anyone can join for free and start communicating with other experts, users, and everyday people around the world. Think Quora, but with more of a social and blockchain technology twist.

Answers to Your Questions

With ASKfm, anyone can ask questions and get answers on just about anything openly or anonymously. Anonymity can be great for any entrepreneurs who are just starting out and might be ashamed of any ‘simple’ or ‘stupid’ questions they might have.

These can be factual questions that can be answered through specific expertise or they can be more based on opinion or personal perspective. The possibilities truly are limitless as you can ask just about any question you’d like and someone in the network will have a compelling answer for you. At the same time, it’s also a great platform for growing your own expertise and personal brand in the process — by answering questions relating to your expertise or previous business achievements.

If the site name seems familiar, it’s because they’ve been around for quite a while now. Having been around for eight years, ASKfm now boasts over 215 million registered users posing some 600 million questions each and every month. These users come from 168 countries around the globe and they engage with one another in 49 different languages. There are 3.5 million daily active users on the platform, making for a flurry of fun and informative activity.

The mission with ASKfm 2.0, which we’ll discuss a little deeper in a moment, aligns with what the social network has been aiming to achieve all along. They want to provide a place where people can share their knowledge, skills, opinion and experience openly and independently, offering answers to the questions that other users have about just about anything and everything.

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Knowledge and Insight on the Go

It makes sense to go to where the users already are and that’s exactly what ASKfm has done. With mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices, ASKfm empowers its users to ask questions and provide answers no matter where they are. This is remarkably convenient for everyone involved.

And this is all great. However, the team at ASKfm have uncovered an increasingly common problem with the way that the Internet operates today. Because of algorithms and other technologies, users can easily become victims of knowledge limitation. Put another way, the more you see and access something, the more likely you’ll be shown more of the same. You just end up back at the same place again and again.

That’s why you’ll find that with standard social networks, your news feeds turn into echo chambers that lack variety and diversity, because you’re being fed the same recommendations you keep consuming. You may be afraid to venture into unfamiliar or uncomfortable territory, because you’re trying to preserve some sort of public image. You can get trapped inside a cocoon, so to speak, and ASKfm 2.0 strives to overcome that problem by leveraging cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Adding Crypto to the Mix

In order to move forward with ASKfm 2.0, the team there has found a unique and complementary solution in the blockchain. More specifically, by creating a cryptocurrency that is specific to the platform, ASKfm 2.0 is able to reward the people who are providing their answers and expertise.

By incentivizing the process, users are encouraged to participate in the community more frequently, offering better answers and solutions to the questions that other users are posing. The reward is real and transparent, ideally attracting the right experts, professionals and even celebrities to the mix. The quality content they provide is then assigned a very real value in the way of the native cryptocurrency.

For this purpose, ASKfm is introducing the ASK Token (ASKT).

The Incentivized Ecosystem

You see, the person responding the question doesn’t earn the token until their answer is accepted and validated. The social network infrastructure of ASKfm further enables this process, because the community can decide whether the answer is valid too. What’s more, questions can be crowdfunded on a fractional basis to attract the best possible answers.

Every user on the platform is provided with a wallet to store their ASK Tokens and, when they choose, they can withdraw these ASK Tokens and exchange them for fiat currency (cash). The inclusion of the cryptocurrency as part of this ecosystem helps ASKfm to grow beyond the current low margin business model of traditional advertising, moving toward a higher margin business model as a social growth network.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How to Become a Better Entrepreneur with ASKfm 2.0 Q&A Community
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