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Codebase Released on GitHub by DasCoin

DasCoin has released its blockchain source code to the public via the GitHub platform in a move to increase transparency in cryptocurrency. Unlocking the digital foundation of DasCoin represents a commitment to the ethos of trust at the heart of the technology, sharing almost all relevant information with prospective customers with the sole exception of the node architecture of the consortium blockchain. Withholding this one piece of information permits transparency while retaining self-governance and mitigating against potential attacks. 


The DasCoin blockchain is based on the Graphene platform, the foundation of BitShares, and is built using the C++ programming language. The DasCoin platform is to date one of the longest lasting ledgers and was chosen for its premier efficiency, scalability and speed. The design of the platform has been specifically developed with the capability to incorporate and absorb the development of emerging technologies. Virtually every part of the DasCoin code becomes publicly available upon publication, excluding the node architecture.


GitHub is a respected open source code repository much used by prospective customers who desire an analysis of cryptocurrency codes before making purchasing decisions. Many of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world choose to publish on GitHub to facilitate this decision-making process.


The publication by DasCoin has been future-proofed through adding various key operations to the platform, which include WebWallet vaults access. WebWallet is where DasCoin is stored, meaning this addition ensures the future creation of new services and products as required. The code from DasCoin will continue to be published on GitHub throughout the coming year.

CEO Comments

The CEO of DasCoin Michael Mathias has commented on the publication of the source code, stating on behalf of the company that it believes the unique hybrid model of DasCoin, which brings together a consortium blockchain with strong self-governance, is going to be an industry game-changer. Mathias further commented on the importance of trust in introducing new cryptocurrency concepts to the global population, emphasising the commitment of DasCoin to transparency as well as the strength of the technology.

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