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Two Irish Universities Ranked Among 200 Best: Trinity College Dublin and the University College Dublin

Two Irish institutions (Trinity College Dublin and the University College Dublin) ranked among the top 200 universities in the world for 2019 by QS. Trinity College Dublin was ranked 88th in the last year’s rankings but is now 104th, while the University College Dublin fell from 168th to 193rd in the new ranking.

National University of Ireland Galway dropped 17 places to 260th, the University College Cork falls from 283rd to 338th, and Dublin City University was placed 422nd, down from 391st. The rankings are based on a number of factors including academic and employer reputation.

Globally, MIT was named the world’s top university for the seventh consecutive year. It was followed by US universities Stanford, Harvard, and California Institute of Technology.

Serious concerns:

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) has lost its status as Ireland’s only top-100 university, while 6 out of 8 Irish top-ranked universities have fallen down the rankings. All Irish institutions also received lower ranks for the relatively low proportions of international students.

The 8 best universities in Ireland for 2019:

1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD).
Country rank: 1
Global rank: 104
Last year’s rank: 88

2. University College Dublin (UCD).
Country rank: 2
Global rank: 193
Last year’s rank: 168

3. National University of Ireland Galway.
Country rank: 3
Global rank: 260
Last year’s rank: 243

4. University College Cork.
Country rank: 4
Global rank: 338
Last year’s rank: 283

5. Dublin City University (DCU).
Country rank: 5
Global rank: 422
Last year’s rank: 391

6. University of Limerick.
Country rank: 6
Global rank: #511-520
Last year’s rank: #501-550

7. Maynooth University.
Country rank: 7
Global rank: #701-750
Last year’s rank: #701-750

8. Dublin Institute of Technology.
Country rank: 8
Global rank: #751-800
Last year’s rank: #651-700

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