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You’ve got a lot on your plate. Leading a company requires the ability to quickly hone in on what matters and make informed decisions. You don’t have time to know everything, but as the CEO, you do have to get to the important details in short order and take action with confidence. Whether you’re investing on a personal or corporate basis, here’s a shortlist of current investments worth your time.

In the Australian minerals sector, disruption among a number of large players is creating an opportunity to get into the market. AGO – ATLAS IRON is down 12.5%, FMG – FORTESCUE METALS GROUP is down 1.3%, and only MIN – MINERAL RESOURCES is up 0.6%. Fortescue is poised to buy a 15% stake in Atlas and is opposing a merger of Atlas and Mineral Resources. Consider buying in now before the dust settles to take advantage of the transitions.

Stateside, HMS Holdings is recommended for its strong growth potential and lack of direct competition. It specializes in saving programs such as Medicare from fraudulent payments. The significant and uncontested value that it provides clients in an essential sector makes it a strong bet for the future.

Also in the health sector, Emergent BioSolutions has been undervalued based on the strength of its corporate finance and the value of its offerings. Specializing in immunology and oncology vaccines, government sector interest in solutions against bioweapons such as Anthrax and public health crises makes the future for this pharmaceutical research and development company bright.

iRobot Corporation is another domestic fund to watch. The continuing popularity and growth of home robots by the maker of the Roomba shows no signs of slowing. Strengthening its position is its lesser-known but lucrative trade in military bots, growing overseas sales and plans to cut manufacturing costs.

Much has been written on the fate and fortunes of cryptocurrencies. While Blockchain is a buzzy but controversial technology, finance is one of its strongest use cases, and Bitcoin continues to lead the pack. Ethereum is nipping at its heels, though companies built on it are tending to eschew public investment.

In the e-commerce sector, Amazon is by no means in a downturn, but there is some argument to be made for getting on the train as it continues to surge uphill. Its heavy investment across multiple internal divisions, including original content and the purchase of the Whole Foods grocery brand, and hike to Amazon Prime memberships is contiguous with stabilized and increasing profits. Brick-and-mortar expansions with wholly automated shopping experiences, upcoming announcement of a second headquarters, expanding distribution network, Alexa digital voice assistant, and investment in technology to facilitate faster and more seamless deliveries also offer cause for optimism. The unchecked dominance and growth of the online retailer and web services company make it a strong bet, despite the far-from-low current valuation.

Diageo continues to dominate amidst the global explosion in craft drinking culture. Smart marketing is reviving world-class but dated brands under a “heritage” revival and aggressively pursuing boutique cocktail culture, and continued efforts to bring the competition into the fold further make the case for continued growth.

Conscientious investors interested in the alternative energy sector should take a close look at Atlantica Yield plc. Its renewable energy assets continue to show solid gains. Dropping supply and maintenance costs are making green energy more and more competitive, and whether or not public opinion fully turns in favor of sustainable energy sources, the economic argument is destined to drag it into the limelight one way or another. Position yourself and your company for the future with alternative energy sector investments now, before they reach peak valuation.

American investors are by and large missing the opportunity that Chinese company Weibo offers. While Western social media giants are struggling to integrate commerce to full advantage, Asian technology and comfort with digital tools have been well established. Invest before the rest of this side of the world wakes up to the opportunity and drives prices up to their proper value.

The Bull share tips, and offer breaking news and constantly updated feeds of the hottest investments to watch. A valuable investment resource is current, detailed, based on data, and may also involve expert analysis or projections.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments, as well as monitoring longer-term market movements and socio-political trends, can help you invest smart and achieve the best returns. Streamline your investing by choosing a feed that offers breaking news and stocks to watch by location or a sector shortlist for best results.

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