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How London Students Can Use Temp Agencies to Their Advantage

Further education in our capital city can be an expensive endeavour. Whether students are at college or at university, apart from the fees involved, they have accommodation to consider and they still need to live from day to day. Then there are books and resources they might need to purchase, and money worries can turn out to be a big problem while they are studying. This is why nearly 80% of students have to earn money in some way, and why some look at how London students can use temp agencies to their advantage.

Test Driving a Career

Working with a temp agency can almost be viewed like a test drive. If the temp job happens to be in a career they are thinking of pursuing and find they hate it, they can alter their aspirations for the future. By the same token, they may just take a temp job that they really enjoy, and that can help them decide if it is the career path they should be following.

Experience and More Experience

Some students like the fact that with a temp agency you can be in a different job every week, and it is all good experience. Trying different workplaces shows them how much one working environment can be totally unlike another, and this is good practice for when their studying is finished, and they join the permanent workforce. That is if they do. There are some people who never take a permanent job because they like the constant moving from one workplace to another.

Nothing can replace experience, and even if it is not in their chosen career, having worked in a temp job shows initiative and that they are used to working with other people.

Flexibility Is Vital

When they are studying, students need any work they undertake to be flexible. There can be times when a special lecture is happening, and they cannot afford to miss it. It could be that coming up to exam time they need time off for revising and, of course, to take the actual exams. That can all be difficult if they work in a local business that relies on them being there at set times, even if it is only part-time.

Applying for a range of temp jobs in London allows the flexibility needed for students to continue with their coursework as they need to without feelings of guilt because they have let someone down. It also means that at times such as holidays when they have more free hours, they will be able to take on more work if it’s available.

New Skills

Every job a student undertakes with a temp agency will involve different skills. Some of them they will already have, but others will be totally new skills. The learning of a new skill is never wasted, and all adds to the working experience that they will take forward into their careers. It can be surprising how many new things they can learn in a job without even realising, till they are asked in another if they know how to do a particular thing.

It Can Help with Employability

If a CV shows several jobs, but all through a temp agency, it is obvious to a prospective employer that this was not just a student flitting from one job to another on a whim, but that they were sent to the jobs by the temp agency as part of the agreement between them. That looks much better on a CV than no experience at all and can help to make it easier for the student to find employment.

There are many thousands of students in London and many of them need work to live while they are studying. Registering with a temp agency could be the perfect solution.

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