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Must Visit Luxury Travel Destinations For 2018

From Turkey’s glorious “turquoise” coast to exotic overwater bungalows in Tahiti, our experts reveal their 60 must-visit luxury travel destinations for 2018. The top five destinations predicted for 2018 are Mallorca in Spain, Singapore, Fiji, Greece’s Cyclades Islands, and Paris.

CEOWORLD magazine, surveyed more than 96,200 luxury travel experts and enthusiasts across the globe to find out where the most and least popular luxury travel destinations in 2018. While there are thousands of destinations around the world that are worthy of travelling to, our list showcases some of the world’s most beautiful places that top business leaders and high net-worth individuals love the most, including The Greek Islands, The Maldives, Mauritius, The Seychelles, and Tahiti.

These are the 60 “Must Visit Luxury Travel Destinations” for busy CEOs, CFOs, other senior executives, business leaders, and high net-worth individuals worldwide to recharge.

Must Visit Luxury Travel Destinations For 2018:

Rank Destination Country
1 Mallorca Spain
2 Singapore Singapore
3 Fiji Fiji
4 The Cyclades Greece
5 Paris France
6 Namibia Namibia
7 Turkish Riviera Turkey
8 Split Croatia
9 Andaman Islands India
10 French Flanders France
11 Hong Kong Hong Kong
12 Galapagos Ecuador
13 New Orleans United States
14 Cajamarca Peru
15 Amsterdam Netherlands
16 Porto Portugal
17 Vienna Austria
18 Moscow Russia
19 Gold Coast Australia
20 Valletta Malta
21 Marrakesh Morocco
22 PyeongChang South Korea
23 Crete Greece
24 Yunnan China
25 Rome Italy
26 Caribbean islands The Caribbean
27 Mongolia Mongolia
28 Buenos Aires Argentina
29 Salar de Tunupa Bolivia
30 Cook Islands Cook Islands
31 Cyprus Cyprus
32 Barcelona Spain
33 Montreal Canada
34 Fiordland New Zealand
35 St. Petersburg Russia
36 Tasmania Australia
37 Taipei Taiwan
38 Belize Belize
39 Dublin Ireland
40 Armenia Armenia
41 Kuwait Kuwait
42 Kiev Ukraine
43 Warsaw Poland
44 Tallinn Estonia
45 Bali Indonesia
46 London United Kingdom
47 Chandigarh India
48 Tel Aviv Israel
49 Dubai United Arab Emirates
50 Seychelles Seychelles
51 Montenegro Montenegro
52 Chile Chile
53 Antarctica Antarctica
54 Mauritius Mauritius
55 New York United States
56 Tokyo Japan
57 Greenland Greenland
58 Maldives Maldives
59 Durban South Africa
60 Tahiti French Polynesia

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Must Visit Luxury Travel Destinations For 2018
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