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The 14 top-earning authors in the world, 2016

J. K. Rowling

James Patterson topped the list of the world’s biggest-earning authors, estimated to have earned $95 million pre-tax between June 2015 and June 2016, according to Forbes magazine, Diary of a Wimpy Kid author, Jeff Kinney was 2nd earning $19.5 million.

James Patterson is the richest author in the world for the third year in a row, he is the author of the detective series based on the leading character Alex Cross. Harry Potter creator J K Rowling, who comes in at third place earning an estimated $19 million, closely followed by John Grisham, and Stephen King.

The World’s 14 top-earning authors list, 2016

1. James Patterson: $95 million

2. Jeff Kinney: $19.5 million

3. J.K. Rowling: $19 million

4. John Grisham: $18 million

5. Stephen King: $15 million

6. Danielle Steel: $15 million

7. Nora Roberts: $15 million

8. E.L. James: $14 million

9. Veronica Roth: $10 million

10. John Green: $10 million

11. Paula Hawkins: $10 million

12. George R.R. Martin: $9.5 million

13. Dan Brown: $9.5 million

14. Rick Riordan: $9.5 million

Top-earning authors in the world, 2016

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