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Top 10 Most And Least Corrupt Countries In The World 2014

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New Zealand and Four Scandinavian countries are the world’s least corrupt countries while North Korea and Somalia are the most corrupt, according to the Corruption Perception Index released by Transparency International.

Which Countries Are The Most Corrupt?

The Berlin-based corruption-fighting organization ranked 175 countries on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean, the U.S.A. (74 points) was ranked 17 on the list. It was ranked 19 last year.

“Bribes and backroom deals don’t just steal resources from the most vulnerable – they undermine justice and economic development, and destroy public trust in government and leaders.” – Transparency International

Denmark (92 points), which topped the list, has occupied the No. 1 position since 2012.

New Zealand (91 points), which was No. 1 both last year and in 2012, was No. 2 this year.

Finland (89), No. 3 in the index, was unchanged from last year.  Sweden (87) fell one place to No. 4.  Norway (86) was unchanged at No. 5.

At the other end of the list are North Korea and Somalia (both 8 points), both ranked 174, were tied as most corrupt countries in the world, unchanged from last year

Sudan (11), Afghanistan (12) and South Sudan (15) rounded off the bottom five.

Top 25 least corrupt countries in the world 2014
Top 25 least corrupt countries in the world – Global corruption index 2014

Check out the complete list of Most and least corrupt countries in the world – Global corruption index 2014.

Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries In The World (And The US and UK)  2014

1. Denmark; Score: 92

2. New Zealand; Score: 91

3. Finland; Score: 89

4. Sweden; Score: 87

5. Norway; Score: 86

5. Switzerland; Score: 86

7. Singapore; Score: 84

8. Netherlands; Score: 83

9. Luxembourg; Score: 82

10. Canada ; Score: 81

14. United Kingdom; Score: 14

17. United States; Score: 74

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World 2014

174. Somalia; Score: 8

174. North Korea; Score: 8

173. Sudan; Score: 11

172. Afghanistan; Score: 12

171. South Sudan; Score: 15

170. Iraq; Score: 16

169. Turkmenistan; Score: 17

166. Uzbekistan; Score: 18

166. Eritrea; Score: 18

166. Libya; Score: 18

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