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Alex Weinstein: From New Immigrant to Tech Juggernaut

Alex Weinstein remembers almost every detail about the tiny San Francisco office in the Sunset District where his tech career began in the early 1990s — the drafty windows that wouldn’t quite close, the squeaky back door that led to a rickety, slanted back porch. “It definitely wasn’t what you’d...
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Chan Kung’s Model of China’s Core Interests

Wargame is a commonly used professional method in geopolitical analysis. The main approach of this method is to conduct study and analysis through simulating the reactions of two opposing sides and discussing the possible outcomes in terms of winning or losing. Therefore, in this analysis, the definition of the model...
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Leadership Heroes Are Needed in 2021!

By any standard, last year was as much chilling as it was unexpected. Simultaneously forced to become at-home teachers, caregivers and breadwinners, many working professionals were driven to the brink of despair. However, with vaccines beginning their distribution and administration, there is light at the end of the tunnel. That...
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