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Vijay Verma

Vijay Verma

Vijay Verma, currently the Executive Vice President at HCL America, Inc., is in charge of the Retail and CPG business units for North America. Vijay is a highly experienced global business leader with over 25 years of expertise. He has a successful track record of generating year-on-year profitable growth for his clients in the retail and CPG clients, including numerous companies documented in F500. Vijay is skilled at developing strategic transformation programs that improve effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ultimately creating business value for his clients.

Vijay Verma is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
consumer product goods (CPGs)
CEO Insider

Economic Strife or Economic Thrive: Is it all gloom or it is time to bloom?

The consumer product goods (CPGs) sector experienced a remarkable surge in sales during and after the pandemic. For most consumers, spending priorities shifted away from non-essential luxury items, entertainment, and travel, and the resultant gains in savings were channeled towards discretionary spending in CPGs, particularly through e-commerce platforms.  The market...
Vijay Verma
Tech and Innovation

Leadership as the Fossil Fuel for the Next-Age of Sustainable Business Growth? Retail and Consumer Goods Stalwarts think so.

The digital disruption has pushed the possibilities of the internet beyond the usual and opened its arm wide to customers, global markets, and new competition. Due to the infinite scope amplified by the sudden pandemic breakout, industries and leadership are taking one step back and redefining their business strategy, adopting...
CEO Agenda

You Are My Hero! An Ode to Inclusive Leadership

It's all in the numbers, stories, and perspective: inclusive leadership is the key to unleashing the true potential of organizations As organizations drive significant investments towards accelerating the charter of inclusivity and diversity within the cultural fabrics of their ecosystem – the leaders of tomorrow, are eulogized to lead from...