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Jacob Wolinsky

Jacob Wolinsky

Jacob Wolinsky is the the founder and CEO of ValueWalk LLC. What started as a hobby 10 years ago, has turned into a well-known financial media empire with millions of monthly visitors focusing in particular on simplifying the opaque world of the hedge fund world. Before doing ValueWalk full time, I worked as an equity analyst first at a micro-cap focused private equity firm, as well as an analyst at a small/mid-cap value-focused research shop. After that, I worked in business development for hedge funds. I live with my wife and four kids in Passaic New Jersey.

Full Disclosure: I only invest in broad-based ETFs and mutual funds. I no longer purchase equities to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Jacob Wolinsky is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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The Five Pillars For A Thriving Career In 2023

Well before the pandemic, employee happiness and overall job satisfaction were on the rise, indicating that a growing number of workers, managers, and executives had elevated levels of job happiness.  However, in the last few years, research shows that job happiness has been on a steady decline. While workers are...
Business Transformation

Developing And Implementing An Effective ESG Strategy In Your Business Model

With the business landscape everchanging, organizations will need to anticipate the future of their business models against the backdrop of developing consumer trends and stakeholder interest.  In recent years, Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) efforts have ensured organizations and investors can support a more carbon-neutral or carbon-free future.  With changing...
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