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Building an Empire: Jason Binn on Storytelling and Creating an Industry

The elusive one percent in the United States live a life of luxury and exclusivity where everyone knows everyone. If advertisers want to reach the elite class, they must gain access to their inner circle, and no one does it better than Jason Binn, founder of DuJour Media. First Big...
Fotis Pantopoulos
Executive Insider

Strategic Communication and Public Image

Strategic Communication is the management of organizational communication to achieve specific objectives. It includes the development and implementation of plans, programs, and activities to influence or change attitudes beliefs, or behaviors of target audiences. In short, Strategic Communication is about getting your message across to others to achieve your desired...
Srini Rajamani
C-Suite Agenda

As Supply Chain Woes Continue, CEOs Should Look to Advanced Technologies for Answers

Advancements in new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and connected devices/IoT are enabling organizations to reimagine nearly every aspect of their business, making them more connected, more data-driven, and more efficient. This is especially true for supply chains. Businesses are employing these advanced technologies to build intelligent supply...
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