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Attila Sükösd
Critical thinking

Cutting the Cord and Working Without Limits

“Follow your passion and success will follow,” seems like good, sound, positive advice but research shows few actually choose that path and stay on it for the long haul. One reason may be that this passion can lead to significant challenges that test a person’s resolve and limitations. As someone...
C-Suite Advisory

The Art of Teams

Less than two months ago, I wrote a piece for CEOWORLD magazine titled Go Team!, highlighting Sir Dave Brailsford’s work as the CEO of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge as a masterclass in team leadership. Since then, I have been exploring other outstanding teams from various walks of life - everything...
Meeting in office
Big Picture

Transcendence is Built on Strong Culture

Eight Attributes Worth Cultivating Companies are immensely interested in culture. Those that lead understand it offers them a distinct competitive advantage. Where would Nike or Microsoft be without their culture? The answer is “not so successful.” For purpose-driven companies, culture protects the things that matter most: a singular focus on...
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