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CEO Spotlight: Benjy Grinberg Discusses How to Leverage Your Social Capital as a CEO

We all know that social media has become an increasingly important part of our lives. We all spend time on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms connecting with friends and family members. But what about CEOs? Do they use social media to connect with their employees? How do they leverage this...
David Malcolm , President Cal West Apartments at Cal West Apartments, San Diego, California
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: David Malcolm, President of Cal West Apartments in San Diego, Says Philanthropic Ideologies and Younger Generations Are Shaping the Modern Corporation

When thinking of the United States, what comes to mind first? Capitalism? A free-market economy? Undoubtedly, a large portion of individuals will think of "business" in some fashion, and naturally so. America's innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are well-known, bolstered by titans of industries on the national and global stage and...
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