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Keys to building a useful executive network

Have you ever struck up a conversation with another executive at a conference or a reception and then noticed as that executive seemed to have a knack for working the room? In other words, that executive was seizing the moment and maximizing his or her interactions with the other attendees...
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Thirteen Lesson’s That’ll Bite You if Ignored When Merging Your Business with Another & Especially in Today’s Merger Mania Post COVID Climate!

The path to global wellness in your business may be through partnerships, collaborations, mergers, or associations with other organizations that can exponentially accelerate your business footprint. Just as in today’s new labor climate, McKenzie estimates 20-million workers just this year quit their jobs, another 50-million held up on the unemployment...
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Life is too short

In April my ex-husband passed away after a very short battle with cancer. It’s an unusual expression -  to ‘battle’ with cancer. There was no battle. The cancer was cunning. It arrived unannounced and spread its evil through his body without fanfare. By the time he was aware that he...
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