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How Do You Thrive In Uncertain Times? Start By Sharing The Lead

Here’s a thought that goes against the default thinking of most leaders: Increasingly, it’s more important not to lead than to lead. Strange as it may at first sound, in a highly uncertain world it’s an important thought to understand and embrace—that is if your goals include adaptability, innovation, and...
CEO Agenda

Clarity. Victory. Celebration.

Three personal stories. Three takeaways. Clarity To make a long (painful) story short, I typically ran the mile in junior high school. At the last meet of the year in 1975, however, I was asked to fill in as the third leg on our undefeated one-mile relay team.  No problem,...
CEO Advisory

Top Tips for Successfully Navigating Crisis

Crises are emotionally charged turning points that can bring about swift, radical change. They can induce instability leading to undesirable outcomes that cost time, money, customers, careers and, in the worst of scenarios, lives. Crises can be natural, like an earthquake, or human-induced, like civil unrest. They can be sudden...
CEO Advisory

Signs Betraying The Liar

Being honest in such a demanding world could only be considered to be a luxury. Unfortunately, circumstances often lead us to the point where we don't find alternatives to defend ourselves and we turn into lying. The problem is that when people do this to us, we absolutely have no...
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