Phil Webster

Phil Webster

Phil Webster is a Principal with Arthur D. Little, a strategy and operations management consultancy focused on science, technology and innovation, and is based in London, UK. Since joining Arthur D. Little in 2006, Phil’s work has focused on helping businesses set innovation strategy and identify new growth opportunities underpinned by effective science and technology. He also works with the corporate innovation centers and quality management functions of some of the world’s largest companies to improve their capabilities through better business processes, organizational structures and governance models.

He also works with universities, research institutes and Government in setting national science policy, defining technology roadmaps and finding effective ways to use and manage intellectual property. Before joining Arthur D. Little, Phil worked in the agricultural biotechnology industry. He has a passion for achieving responsible business performance through innovation, and particular interests in sustainable agriculture, clean energy and renewable chemicals.

Phil Webster is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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