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Let’s Change the Narrative on Retirement

Corporate America is at an inflection point as we watch the greatest reshuffling of workforce assumptions since World War II. The women who were part of the wartime economy refused to go back to their pre-war roles after V-Day. Just as women helped accelerate the economic boom of the 1950s,...
Jeremy Miller
CEO Spotlight

Health-E Commerce Founder and Chairman Jeremy Miller’s Mission Is to Simplify Health & Wellness Benefits for 100+ Million U.S. Citizens

As an MBA student at New York’s Columbia Business School, Jeremy Miller came up with a business idea to help everyday Americans take advantage of and maximize their pre-tax healthcare saving accounts with workplace benefits and healthcare and wellness spending. He saw that employees were missing out on effectively utilizing...
C-Suite Travel

The Must-Sees Of Barcelona

The combination of medieval and modern style can only steal your heart and travel you either in the narrow alleys with the magnificent architectural diamonds it has or in the wide streets with the ultra-modern and innovative buildings. A city full of colors that any artist would envy impresses modern...
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