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Everything You Need To Know About Citizenship By Investment

All around the globe, there are about 30 countries that offer citizenship by investment program. For now, nine countries give away direct ways to attain citizenship based on investment. Citizenship by investment is an alternate route for individuals seeking residency in another country. The initiative allows countries to channel and...
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Breaking Down The Time Management

Managing time may be an admirable skill, but it is pretty hard to conceive. Good time management has numerous benefits, which is why most employers also appreciate it. How is time management defined, and how can it be achieved through specific steps?  Set your goals A good start is only...
Bernie Marcus
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A central part of the Home Depot culture was the desire to help the communities we served, especially during natural disasters or national emergencies. Our proudest moments are when our people stepped up. When Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida on August 24, 1992, we lost a number of stores but...
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