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Thursday, October 24, 2019

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CEO Insider

Can an IFNP Succeed as a CEO?

What makes a good CEO? This is a question that businesses have been asking themselves for the best part of the last century. IFNP personalities are largely defined by their introversion, which many people think makes them unsuitable to leadership roles like that of CEO. But exactly how accurate is...
CEO Insider

The Secret to Trade Policy Success

University teaching is again in session. As in past summer and fall semesters I teach international business at both Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and at Kent University in Canterbury, U.K. With students I note three different categories of sentiments, quite telling of voting tendencies.  Two virtually equal blocs boast...
CEO Insider

Stop: What’s Missing From Your MBA

There are many possible routes to the top for ambitious young leaders of tomorrow. There was a time when MBAs were in high demand by those who wished to use the graduate degree course to super-speed their careers. However, young businesspeople are increasingly questioning whether an MBA is right for...
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