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Alan Manly
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6 Habits of successful entrepreneurs

Over the past few years, the success of leading businesses and entrepreneurs has been thrust into the spotlight like we haven’t seen for many years with company values and profits surging. While no two businesses or entrepreneurs are the same, there are common traits that many of these most successful...
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Minimal Operating Surpluses i.e. The RED LINE

What operating surpluses are needed, at least? The bare minimum. Neither gaining nor losing money. This article gives the answer to this vexed question. It revolves around monitoring the operating surpluses on almost the top line of the cash flow calculation scheme. Periodical net cash flow information is rather late...
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How IT Experience Data Drives Improvement

In the Digital Age, businesses run on technology, especially information technology (IT), we’re always looking to find areas for improvement and increased efficiency. How do we find them? One way – the way IT has done it historically – is to wait for a complaint or request from someone connected...
Amy Eliza Wong
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Choose to Respond, Not React, to Life

How do you acknowledge and interact with life? Which of these two distinct approaches do you take: are you more likely to react or to respond? What’s the difference and why does it matter? provides the following definitions for the two terms:  React: “To act in response to an agent or influence.” ...
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Future of Transportation

In a dynamic changing world, most sectors are witnessing transformation. It is the speed, precision and safety that are the key drivers. Most transportation agencies are accelerating to translate mobility into a more seamless, sustainable, accessible, affordable and safe option. As a CEO in this sector or as an entrepreneur,...
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