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Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman
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Work Smarter Not Harder: How To Reach Peak Efficiency With A Virtual Assistant

A well-run business is prepared for growth. Operational efficiency leads to improved customer experiences, the erosion of employee stress, and most importantly, enhanced revenue potential. Once processes run smoothly and teams collaborate seamlessly, businesses are positioned to innovate and grow. However, many leaders struggle to reach this target. But, with...
Rhett Power
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Oh, the Humanity! Of Cybersecurity

A rigorous cybersecurity plan is critical for your company’s protection, but it means nothing if your employees aren’t trained to recognize cyberthreats. When employees know what to watch out for, you can be assured that your organization will be safe from data breaches and other security issues. Implement these strategies...
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The 1-2-3 of Psychological Safety

I begin the workshop portion of my half-day Peernovation program by asking: What does it take to be a valuable contributor to your team? Not just any team, your team. I ask the question that way for a reason, as I want everyone to feel a sense of ownership from...
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The Power of Celebration

High-performing peer advisory groups and top organizational teams have at least two common attributes: 1) An active Learning-Achieving Cycle and 2) An acute understanding of the power of celebration. Both are foundational to realizing Peernovation. So let's unpack their attributes and their relationship to one another so you can make...
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