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Using Our Attention to Improve Collaborative Performance

I remember it very clearly—the instructor in my driver’s education class telling us that wherever we go with our eyes, the steering wheel will follow. When we turn our head to look at that billboard, our hands follow and soon the car is veering onto the shoulder. In other words,...
Bernie Marcus
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A central part of the Home Depot culture was the desire to help the communities we served, especially during natural disasters or national emergencies. Our proudest moments are when our people stepped up. When Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida on August 24, 1992, we lost a number of stores but...
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Communicating About Communication

Last year, Grammarly/Harris Poll released its inaugural study on The State of Business of Communication, highlighting that US companies alone lose $1.2 trillion annually to ineffective communication. Reviewing this year’s findings, I was relieved that the authors didn't lead with how the losses are now up to $1.4 trillion (or...
Leo Bottary
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Change and Being Changed

I have encountered countless CEOs who tell me that employees resist change. While I believe that can be true, Peter Senge shared a quote from an organizational culture strategist in his book, The Fifth Discipline, noting, "People don't resist change. They resist being changed.” The quote offers an important distinction,...
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