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Jeff Greenstein
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Where Are All the Trillionaires?

Recently, I accidentally clicked on an ad while trying to read a story on the internet. “It’s easy with my proven investment strategy to turn a few thousand dollars into millions,” a self-proclaimed expert insisted as he pointed viewers towards his paid services. To an unsophisticated or inexperienced investor, this...
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Why Decency Matters in the C-Suite

As mentioned in an earlier article, being a decent person while leading others is all about treating people in ways that you would want to be treated should the roles be reversed. If you adopt the Golden Rule principle, you get: Greater Engagement: People want to help leaders that demonstrate...
Successful Happy Businessman
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When Will Leader Decency Be Cool Again?

Famously, John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, was one of the first executives to make headlines for reducing his salary to $1 per year. Yes, he had stock options and cashed in unused vacation time. However, the intention was to demonstrate a commitment to fairness and pay equity....
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