Wednesday, October 28, 2020

C-Suite Agenda

Art And CultureC-Suite Agenda

For Architecture And Engineering (A&E) Firms, It’s Time To Digitally Adapt

Historically, businesses that resist digital transformation pay a steep price. For example, Blockbuster at one point had the opportunity to purchase Netflix. It was eventually outpaced by the streaming service and was forced to shutter its stores. And Sears’ failed shift to digital sales caused the company to fall behind...
Big PictureC-Suite Agenda

Your Team May Not Playing in the NBA or on the Frontline But It Can Learn Some New Tricks

A half-century ago or so, companies would look to build team camaraderie through informal social activities. Executives might meet one another’s families at Christmas parties or over a round of golf. These activities proved beneficial when teams were more permanent. But a practice like this today may result in more...
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