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Sue Bingham
C-Suite Agenda

What You Need to Know About Adopting the New Business Model to Attract Top Talent

The ways of working have changed. Most of this can be chalked up to the pandemic, but other factors — such as talent preferences — are at play. So, the question remains: How exactly do organizations establish environments where the new business model can thrive? It’s been a long two...
C-Suite Agenda

The 3 C’s of Software Onboarding

Onboarding is a fundamental process which centers on hiring within a business, such as employees. However, onboarding is a complex process which is in fact usually mixed with the concept of orientation too. What differentiates onboarding from other terms, such as orientation, is that onboarding is a long process that...
C-Suite Agenda

How Linking Purpose and Strategy Benefits Employees

As messaging around strategy trickles down the organizational chart, the context around strategic choices diminishes, making it harder for workers to understand not only the what and why, but also the how. If employees cannot internalize the strategy, they certainly can’t incorporate it into their on-the-job decisions. Here’s how leaders can correct the disconnect...
Tracey Ezard
C-Suite Agenda

The Paradox of Yet

Leadership is full of contradictions. Without them, leadership would be a walk in the park. We could make decisions quickly and easily, as the answer would be straightforward. Yet I know every person reading this understands the complexity of leading. We need to draw from both our ferocity and our...
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