Saturday, August 8, 2020

C-Suite Agenda

C-Suite Agenda

R & R & R: Risk, Reward and Responsibility

If you happened to be raised ‘back in the day’ you will recall the 3 R’s with which schoolchildren were indoctrinated: Reading, writing , ‘rithmatic. For my money, those three R’s served us well. I still believe in these disciplines as  the cornerstones of a well-rounded  education. These days, reading...
C-Suite Agenda

Craig Bouchard’s Ecolution kWh: Clean Energy and Commercial Trucking

Increased corporate responsibility is propelling changes within various industries. Many companies are committed to sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Forward-thinking leaders are implementing breakthrough technologies to innovate entire sectors. In the quest for clean energy, researchers and entrepreneurs are working diligently to implement new systems. Committed to forwarding clean energy in...
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C-Suite Agenda

Leading the “four generation” workforce.

As a CEO, coach and consultant, I’ve come to love how diversity has evolved our workplace. Diversity in culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and thinking all bring new perspectives and assist in removing old assumptions. One of the other things I’ve also noticed is how invisible our generational diversity is....
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