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Richard Triggs
CEO Agenda

How to accelerate your access to the best c-suite and board roles available

As an executive recruitment consultant with over 20 years’ experience (14 years running my own company), I have recruited well over 2,000 senior executive and board roles for my clients.  I’ve worked across almost all role families, all industries (including government and not-for profits) and throughout all of Australia and...
CEO Agenda

A Comprehensive Analysis Uncovers the Future of Invoicing

Invoicing, an indispensable component in any business infrastructure, is witnessing a transformative phase. With trends shifting towards digitization and automation, the invoice management process is evolving. Recent research from Skynova, a free invoice tool provider, delves into the most recent studies and provides a glimpse into the current state of...
Leo Bottary
CEO Agenda

Is Procrastination Your Superpower?

Over the past few months, I’ve received several LinkedIn InMails asking if I struggle with procrastination. I’ve also come across what seems to me to be an increasing number of articles with titles such as “Procrastination: Why It Happens and How to Overcome It” or “Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on...
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