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The Role of Spatial Ability in Integrated STEM Thinking for People Development Management

Dear friends, while our series of articles about STEM is being published, we are very happy to receive your messages with congratulatory reports about our work, and this particularly moves us. So we decided to publish today one more aspect of the work, which we intended to present in September....
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The World of Sports Analytics

It is clear that sports have always been a domain of fierce competition and thrill, but the dynamics have shifted in recent times. The rise of analytics in sports has revolutionized the way teams and athletes gain a competitive advantage. Through data management, predictive analysis, information systems, and decision-making tools,...
Thomas Carter, CEO - True I/O
CEO Agenda

Safeguarding Business Data in the Face of Bankruptcies and M&As: The Role of Blockchain Technology

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies face unprecedented challenges such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and bankruptcies. These events often leave organizations vulnerable to data exploitation and compromise, making it crucial for executives to take proactive measures to protect their company's private data.  As businesses navigate uncertain economic climates, securing...
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