David Banger

David Banger

David Banger is an adjunct professor, digital advisor and founder of CHANGE lead | Practical Digital. David works with organisations, their executive and technology teams to realise their digital potential. He is the author of DIGITAL IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS | A guide to transition ($38.88). David Banger is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
CEO Insider

Facebook this is not the first time, we all should again consider our actions

‘There’s a dark side to everything.’ – Prince Over the last five years, we have seen a shift from political parties from a traditional, class-based distinction to a distinction based on cultural attributes and education. Political parties have found it difficult to position themselves in this dimension. Some of this can...
David Banger
C-Suite Advisory

Problem hunting in innovation

Is it a dedicated time or a dedicated team that aids organisational innovation? Organisations have also tried the traditional suggestion box, innovation directors, and introduced a value of innovation. Some of which have had some success. Problems are a regular occurrence within businesses and possibly offer the most significant source...
David Banger
Executive Insider

Savvy tactics for stretched teams

There are times when teams will be more stretched than usual. Very often, this is due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in unprecedented demand expectations. The unexpected scenarios are varied and could be, a new industry entrant, regulatory event, key personnel changes (good people make things look easier than they are)...