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Bhavishya Pahwa

Bhavishya Pahwa

Travel and Fashion writer at CEOWORLD magazine. Travel tips and news, destination ideas, trip inspiration, and more.
Vatican City
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The 30 Most Religious Places in the World, 2019

Religion is at the heart of billions of people across the globe and nothing wavers them from the path of their belief because at the end of the day, they are promised that it would be their God who would embrace them, just like a mother embraces her child after...
Louvre Museum (Paris), France
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Top 5 Art Galleries In The World

Are you a sucker for good art? Art galleries give the ideal foundation to appreciate, respect and acknowledge works of art by incredible artists of various eras, all over the globe. Visiting an art gallery is not only fun, but also thrilling as you experience the look of the complex,...
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