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Anna Villarreal

Anna Villarreal

Anna Villarreal is the founder and CEO of LifeStory Health, a bio-science company focused on the female biology. A strong advocate for women's healthcare, Anna's pioneering vision to map the menstrual blood proteome through a set of resolute, data-leading principles and an award winning scientific methodology has led to extraordinary discoveries. These discoveries are the bedrock of a groundbreaking platform technology which is paving the way to truly novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets. The vast implications in the women's healthcare space are very exciting from both a patient advocacy standpoint and a commercial perspective. Under Anna’s leadership and vision, LifeStory Health has the potential to materialize into a successful operating public company that would be both profitable for shareholders and positive for women’s public health.
Education and Career

Women’s Health: The Economic Impact of Letting the Data Lead

“Letting the data lead” is a term used to describe the act of a judgement-free approach to letting results be the basis of one’s decisions. This concept exists in mathematics - think big data and the Bayesian approach companies take.  Bayesian inference is a method of statistical inference in which Bayes' theorem...
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Precision Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease: A new technology using Menstrual Blood provides insights into Women’s Health

Precision medicine is an approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account the variability in each individual.  Diagnostics that can facilitate better patient stratification and identify patients for specific treatment and prevention pave the way for optimized clinical trials. For example, over 50 percent of drugs that fail...
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A Review of Preclinical Deals in 2017

Change must start somewhere. Deals both in preclinical and later stage women’s health applications are an important element we use when valuing my Company.  Preclinical deals are the most fascinating for me to unpack. With great risk comes great reward and I applaud the visionaries at the helm of these...
CEO Advisory

8 Reasons Women Should Forge Ahead in Biotech

While gender in-balance among C-level executives and within the technology industry has been highly publicized, the biotech industry in particular has suffered greatly from a lack of females at the helm. Biotech is an industry which encompasses science, engineering, technology and math (“STEM”). These categories broken down by gender, look...