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Mastering the Hospitality Sector with a ‘Live Uncomfortably’ Attitude: Tips from Saurabh Abrol

Saurabh Abrol

The story of an immigrant child finding his footing in a new country is familiar to many, but the name Saurabh Abrol, CEO & Founder of Le Malt Hospitality Group, adds a distinctive twist. 

With a portfolio that boasts prominent brands like Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, Le Malt Imperiale, Meximodo, and Wine Chateau, his journey from a one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey to the helm of a nearly $75M revenue-generating enterprise is nothing short of incredible.

Entering the World of Alcohol and Hospitality

Saurabh’s initial venture into the alcohol and hospitality realm began in 1998. Encouraged by his father, he soon ascended to the position of CEO of Wine Chateau in 2002. A decade later, the birth of the Le Malt Hospitality Group represented a tremendous shift, offering an unmatched experience for hospitality aficionados in both New Jersey and New York.

Charting a Bold Course in Modern Hospitality

In the cutthroat arena of hospitality, Saurabh and his expert team took on an industry riddled with challenges. With rivals at every corner aiming for the crown, it wasn’t enough to just have a strategy – they had to be nimble, adapting on the fly. Throw in the ever-shifting sands of food costs, and the financial hurdles became even steeper.

Yet, in today’s digital era, where every business move is under the spotlight, managing their reputation became paramount. With the world more connected than ever, a single guest’s review could resound globally. But Saurabh remained undaunted. He rallied his team around a simple yet powerful belief: “Endure challenges today for a smoother tomorrow.” This sentiment didn’t just highlight their grit, but also their dedication to rising above and pursuing excellence.

Pioneering a Customer-First Approach

Amidst the challenges, the core strength of Le Malt Hospitality Group lies in its relentless focus on customer service. As Saurabh points out, “LMHG has never focused on a temporary concept… but developed concepts that have been around for decades.” Their customer-first approach has enabled them to carve out a distinct niche, with raving reviews testifying to their excellence.

Harnessing Hardships: The Makings of a Leader

Behind every successful enterprise often lies a tale of personal tenacity and resilience. Saurabh’s narrative with Le Malt Hospitality Group is no different. As a young lad of just 10, he recalls the isolation of not having friends, being singled out for his pronounced English accent, and facing relentless bullying on a daily basis.

But true to his entrepreneurial spirit, Saurabh did not succumb to these challenges. Instead, he took them head-on, using them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Over the years, these very hardships were channeled and molded, turning them into the very flames that have driven his ascent to the pinnacle of the hospitality industry.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Saurabh holds an unshakeable belief in the potential of his brand. Rooted in his deep insights and strategic foresight, he’s not merely content with where the brand stands now; he’s plotting a course for Le Malt Hospitality Group to ascend the ranks and touch the revered billion-dollar mark.

Yet, beyond the figures and milestones, Saurabh’s true aspiration carries a more personal touch. More than business success, he dreams of laying down a lasting legacy, a beacon of values and achievements, for his two cherished daughters. 

Simply put, Saurabh’s dream goes beyond business. It’s about creating a legacy that his daughters, and perhaps even their children, can look back on with pride.

Connect and Discover

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If you find yourself in New Jersey with a craving for authentic Mexican flavors, Meximodo awaits your visit. Nestled at 5 Pearl St, Metuchen, NJ 08840, it promises a culinary journey that’s a feast for the senses. Dive into their offerings on Meximodo’s official site.

Want to stay at the forefront of hospitality news and trends? Keep an eye on Saurabh and his brands. Their commitment to excellence and innovation ensures there’s always something new to explore and experience.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Insider - Mastering the Hospitality Sector with a ‘Live Uncomfortably’ Attitude: Tips from Saurabh Abrol
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