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The Top 6 Meditation Getaways In The US

Are you looking for the best, most peaceful, beautiful, and spiritually productive meditation retreat? Well, you can easily choose from many such places across the United States. What makes meditation retreats popular nowadays is that they provide self-guided contemplation, which you won’t get anywhere else. Let us now look at the most popular retreats in the US that help you revive and heal.

  1. Seven Springs Yoga And Holistic Retreats
    Location: Maryville, Tennessee 

    Seven Springs is the finest option if you want to explore the tranquility and magnificence of the mountains. This gateway offers a quiet retreat opportunity that will, without a doubt, refill your energy. The locale provides the best-personalized packages, including wellness services, nature hikes, private yoga classes, and medicinal herb walks, making it popular among people. 

  2. Gainesville Retreat Center
    Location: Gainesville, Florida 

    When people hear Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is the beaches or theme parks. However, the destination is not limited to those two options only. People looking for something different can opt for Gainesville Retreat Center, which provides more than 140 acres of forests and miles-long hiking trails. You can also participate in best-guided meditation, mindfulness, yoga, holistic rehab, kirtan, zen, and mind-refreshing activities. The place also has a non-profit center supervising the property as a wildlife sanctuary. 

  3. Silent Stay Meditation Center
    Location: Santa Barbara, California 

    If you feel the world is noisy and messy, you can shelter in Silent Stay Meditation Center and benefit from silence. It is a 45-acre retreat where you can enjoy private rooms, three silent meals daily, and a program with heartfulness trainers Bruce Davis, Ph.D., and Ruth Davis. At this retreat, meditation envelops the silence where you can clear your mind, admire nature’s beauty, and flounder in your existence. The retreat packages last for a couple of days at reasonable prices. You can also opt for a retreat of 21 days or longer through the sabbatical program of the institute. 

  4. The Art Of Living Retreat Center
    Location: Boone, North Carolina 

    This place offers personalized retreats especially devised for any well-being goal. The Art Of Living Retreat Center also offers silent meditation and meditation retreats and the Shankara Ayurveda Wellness program, designed to improve your happiness. The accommodation includes beds, television, Wi-Fi, and everything else necessary and expected from a hotel. With this place, you will leave all the modern convenience behind and lose yourself in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountain Of North Carolina. 

  5. Retreat In The Pines
    Location: Mineola, Texas 

    Retreat in The Pines is a female-only meditation center where you can find aid and healing in peaceful surroundings without distractions. If you want some privacy, this retreat is the most suitable since women provide services to women. This place offers gratitude, balance, empowered leadership, strength, and healing, along with a 5-day beach retreat. You will experience nature walks, yoga, off-site activities, and essential oils as part of the therapeutic process. You will also get a chef-prepared meal, gentle yoga, and meditation. In addition, you can also send gift cards to those who can benefit from the retreat. 

  6. Setu
    Location: Battleboro, Vermont 

    In Setu, the ancient Indian practices of deep nourishment and well-being are provided at the New England foothills near Vermont’s center. People here can enjoy medicinal training, yoga classes, and spa treatments that guide them to the path of healing and rejuvenation. You also have a chance to experience great mountain views, Indian cuisine, garden walks, and a hot tub that makes your stay more memorable.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - The Top 6 Meditation Getaways In The US
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