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Rana Salman

Rana Salman

Rana Salman, M.B.A, PhD is a renowned expert in the sales industry who is transforming sales teams' performance worldwide. With a background in marketing and years of experience in enterprise-level B2B sales, she has established herself as a trusted partner for global organizations seeking to elevate their sales strategies and execution.

As the founder of Salman Consulting, LLC, Salman collaborates with midsize and Fortune 500 IT companies to create tailored sales strategies, develop compelling sales content, and deliver impactful training sessions. She is also the author of Sales Essentials: The Tools You Need at Every Stage to Close More Deals and Crush Your Quota.

Rana Salman is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn.
Rana Salman
CEO Agenda

Self-Awareness: Cultivating This Key Characteristic of Successful Salespeople

I’ve spent time around thousands of highly respected salespeople throughout my career and have the honor of training many more through my consulting business today. While they all have distinct personalities, I’ve noticed some traits that seem to be consistent across the other variations. Great sellers generally tend to be...