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How To Become A Malaysian Citizen

A citizen is a person who has all equal rights and enjoys some of the basic facilities offered by one country. A person can be a citizen of a nation by birth, through their forefathers, or apply for registration after settling down. However, for an individual to become a citizen of Malaysia, there are certain prerequisites to fulfill.

Like other countries, Malaysia also offers citizenship to its people by registration and naturalization. Foreigners who wish to gain permanent residence by naturalization must pay fees and abide by government laws and regulations. In this article below, we will discuss all the necessary criteria for becoming a Malaysian citizen. 

Ways To Obtain Citizenship in Malaysia

People can be citizens of Malaysia either if they are citizens by registration or citizens by naturalization, both of which are discussed below in detail.

Citizenship By Registration

When a person is born in Malaysia or outside, but their parents are Malaysian, they automatically get Malaysian nationality, but fundamental registration is also required. Citizenship by registration is also enforced on a person born in or outside Malaysia but with only one Malaysian parent. To become a citizen by registration, a person needs to be a minor or under 21 with an elementary knowledge of the Malay language.

Citizenship By Naturalization

An outsider or foreigner can acquire Malaysian citizenship by fulfilling the fundamental requirements and conditions of the Federal Government. A person must live in Malaysia for up to 10 years before applying for citizenship registration. A person needs to have a permanent residence of 12 years to get citizenship by naturalization. To acquire Malaysian citizenship, a person must be above 21 years old and have elementary knowledge of the Malay language.

Documents Required For The Citizenship By Naturalization Procedure

    1. Foreigner’s identity card
    2. Form C Application
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Proof of PR
    5. Entry permit
    6. Identity cards of two recommenders who are citizens of Malaysia.

Basic Requirements For Acquiring Malaysian Citizenship

    1. Every person born in or outside Malaysia with both Malaysian parents automatically gets citizenship.
    2. If a person is born in or outside Malaysia with one Malaysian parent, then they need to register it. But Malaysian law does not give equal rights to the parents in such cases.
    3. A person born in Malaysia can acquire Malaysian citizenship when one of their parents has Malaysian nationality or has a permanent residence of 12 years.
    4. Malaysian citizenship can also be acquired through investment. For the process to take place, a person must have at least 5 Lakhs MYR liquid assets, income proof of 10k MYR, or make a fixed deposit of 3 Lakhs MYR.
    5. Individuals who wish to get citizenship in Malaysia must also have valid Malaysian medical insurance.
    6. A person must know all the important rules and duties as a citizen of Malaysia with fundamental knowledge of the Malay language.
    7. The Police Clearance Certificate of the person’s native country is also an important document that needs to be submitted for verification.

Benefits Of Obtaining Malaysian Citizenship

    1. Excellent healthcare facilities for everyone and free healthcare in every government hospital.
    2. Malaysia has the 12th strongest passport and permits visa-free traveling to over 160 countries.
    3. Malaysia offers an excellent education for primary and secondary schooling at reasonable fees.
    4. Malaysian citizens get all the rights, including the freedom to live, study, work, and move throughout the country.
    5. Malaysia’s food, travel, and other basic facilities are also very cheap.

As with any other nation, any person can become a Malaysian citizen by fulfilling all the above requirements proposed by the Government. An outsider and their family member can also apply for Malaysian citizenship with a permanent residence of 12 years. However, Malaysia does not permit dual citizenship, so if an individual moves into the country, he/she must renounce their current nationality.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How To Become A Malaysian Citizen
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