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How To Become A Cambodian Resident

Cambodia is one of the easiest and cheapest countries to get citizenship. This nation lies in the Southeast Asian region and is dominated by significant rivers, plain land, an appealing climate, and distinctive culture. Besides its geographical distinctions and efficient citizenship programs, Cambodia is a gateway to various advantageous rights and benefits.

With lower living expenses, splendid healthcare education facilities, complete right to own property and land, freedom of movement, and visa-free traveling, this nation is the most favorable for obtaining citizenship. However, a person can become a Cambodian resident efficiently in different ways, including citizenship by birth, descent, marriage, naturalization, or investment, which are discussed below in detail.

Ways To Become A Cambodian Citizen

Like many other countries, the Cambodian immigrant law permits foreigners to get their citizenship in different ways. So, let’s check out the different ways to acquire Cambodian citizenship.

Birth And Descent

Cambodian law grants birthright nationality, which means the nation allows children to obtain their citizenship born in or outside Cambodia with at least one Cambodian parent at the time of their birth.


Another way to acquire Cambodian citizenship is by marriage. When any of the spouses is Cambodian, other partners above 21 can apply for Cambodian citizenship after registering their marriage in Cambodia and living together for three years in Cambodia. Moreover, the non-Cambodian spouse must fulfill all the Cambodian ministry’s requirements to become a resident.


Like many other countries, Cambodia also grants its citizenship by naturalization. People can apply for Cambodian citizenship regardless of their birth, descent, and spouse. However, individuals must have accomplished the requirements provided by the ministry; else, there is a high possibility of the residency getting canceled. Requirement includes:

    1. They have to reside in Cambodia for at least seven years and get their residency permit.
    2. A person must have no criminal offense, moral conduct, and good behavior.
    3. They have to fluently write and speak the native language of Cambodia (Khmer).
    4. A person must qualify for the test, demonstrating an understanding and knowledge of Cambodian history, culture, and politics.
    5. A person must have to submit official documents attached to the application.


If you want your Cambodian nationality without taking too much time, then the naturalization method is a long route for you. People interested in gaining quick citizenship in the country can opt for citizenship by investment, which does not bind a person to reside in Cambodia for seven years. This program needs heavy investment in the Cambodian business worth $322,000. Investors can also own a government project to apply for citizenship. Individuals who opt for the investment method can get their nationality in about 3 to 6 months after making their investment. Besides investing in the program, an individual must have to qualify for the following requirements:

    • A person must be mentally stable and in good health
    • They must not be minors and above the age of 18
    • They must be eligible for the required investment besides additional fees
    • They must have a valid passport and Cambodian Visa

Benefits To Become Cambodian Citizenship

Apart from offering various rights to live, freedom, study, and work, the resident of Cambodia gets access to extensive benefits, including:

    • Visa-free travel access to approximately 54 countries across the world.
    • Cambodia is the only Asian nation that grants an Investment program.
    • The resident can easily own Cambodian land and property.
    • Lower tax obligations.

Individuals can quickly and efficiently become Cambodian residents by fulfilling specific basic requirements. One of the prime benefits of having citizenship in the nation is access to dual nationality, which significantly benefits high-net-worth individuals. Moreover, a person can enjoy special rights, and their family can also apply for citizenship.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How To Become A Cambodian Resident
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