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Matching Your Corporate Gifts To Your Brand Archetype

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Did you know that there are 12 major kinds of personalities that can be seen throughout history? Developed in the 1940’s by Carl Jung, personality archetypes can help explain why certain people act the way they do and help to understand the things they like and dislike. When it comes to business, personality archetypes can be very beneficial when it comes to finding what corporate gifts your customers will appreciate the most.

Corporate gifting can be a very powerful tool in marketing and building customer relationships. In fact, 43% of US respondents believe that corporate gifts improve relationships between customers and businesses. 23% of companies report that they use corporate gifts to generate leads and connections in hopes to find new clients. Additionally, 66% of people state that they remember a company name one year after receiving a gift, so corporate gifts do work in finding new customers. 

Gifts can also work to retain customers. Clients feel motivated, encouraged, and valued by brands that reach out with personalized gifts. Regular gift giving also works to keep your brand at the forefront of client’s minds, keeping your business relevant. 80% of customers say that they would do business with  a brand after they receive regular gifts from them, and that percentage goes up if those gifts are personalized.

When customers receive gifts that feel personalized and that they enjoy, they are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family. While maintaining relationships with your current clients is important, the value of good reviews is immeasurable.  Good reviews in person and online are some of the best ways to generate a whole new client pool.

Building brand ambassadors is another way to get good word of mouth and find new leads. 71% of marketers believe brand ambassadorship is the most effective marketing and social proof. These ambassadors can receive your gifts and post them around social media. The more followers they have, the more people are able to see your brand and notice the wonderful gifts you give to your customers.

Since gifts can be so important in keeping clients interested in your company, it is important to give the right kinds of gifts to your customers. 63% of customers dislike generic ads and brand messages and appreciate personalization more appealing. Pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes can create these instantaneous connections. This is why it is important to understand the personality archetypes that best fit your brand. 

Depending on the products you supply, you will be marketing towards a specific personality. Consider studying your demographics before settling on what kinds of gifts you want to give. It is also important to maintain one identity within your company and marketing towards only a few archetypes rather than trying to please everybody. Read below to learn more about what personalities value certain kinds of gifts:

If your brand is sophisticated, dark, and rebellious, you may draw in the outlaw personality. These people value liberation, and gifts such as libation accessories and whiskey gift sets may be greatly appreciated. If your brand focuses on turning reality into possibility, your customers may be magician archetypes. These people value mastery and will appreciate unconventional gifts. Consider things like a kaleidoscope or fun art accessories. Brands that are geared towards couples and love, sensual gifts are a great option. These appeal most to the lover’s personality, and they will appreciate things like scented candles, or robe and slipper gift sets.

Even if your brand is popular with more simple personality archetypes, there are gifts that can be special for them as well. The caregiver personality appreciates home goods or personal care products. The everyman loves everything classic. Watches, colognes, and wallets enable these clients to make happy memories with your brand in mind. The innocent values purity, and loves natural products. Consider an aromatherapy diffuser to spread wholesome love with a purified offering. 

The goal in corporate gift giving is to give something to your brand that no other company does. Separating yourself from the rest is the best way to keep customers happy and give good reviews. It has been proven that putting your brand on personalized gifts can improve overall popularity with brands following well-defined brand archetypes rising in value by 97% versus brands without a strong identity.

Connecting with clients goes far beyond the conference room. Start building better relationships with your clients today by matching your corporate gifts with their archetypes.

Written by Brian Wallace.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Matching Your Corporate Gifts To Your Brand Archetype
Brian Wallace
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