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Survival Skills – 5 Things You Should Know To Make It Out There

No, the title of this article does not refer to skills about how to survive in a competitive career or another ”social” emergency. Today’s article talks about fundamental survival skills. Knowing how to survive in the forest doesn’t sound like something we will have to do at some point. However, no one knows when an emergency will appear. It is still crucial enough that it is often taught to kids of many nationalities and cultures. To be honest, you may never need that in your entire life, but you could learn it and go camping to live the adventure. Knowing how to survive is a skill that often attracts women and awakens their instincts. Strong men were always valuable for the tribes to protect the family from wild animals and other dangers as well as to provide food. They were not preferred out of fashion; it was an important choice to reassure the group’s safety. This has passed in people’s genes, and we can now see why survival skills are still vital. The culture that surrounds this trend also emphasizes how important this is. Yet, in real terms, what should someone know to survive in the forest? Here are the five things that have saved lives in the past and are essential in case of an emergency.

  1. Food and water
    Finding something to eat and having access to clean water is the first thing one should take care of. To get some water, it is better to go near a river or a lake. Otherwise, you will not survive more than three days. Listen carefully to the sounds around you to locate the water source. If you are on a hill, start going down; it is more likely to find a river on the lower levels. If there is no way to find a lake, make a small vase to collect rain when that appears.
    Regarding food, we strongly suggest not eating seeds you have never seen before. You will be surprised about how much poisonous stuff is out there. Especially if you see mushrooms make sure to stay away from them. It would be better to attempt to hunt. If you fail, try to consume small insects that will not challenge your stomach. It may sound crazy, but if you are indeed hungry, you may need to go that far.
  2. Fire
    Getting warm is also important. If you are in a freezing place, you won’t be able to survive if you fall asleep in the cold, so getting a fire starting is something you need to take care of. Besides, you may not even be able to fall asleep if the weather is bad. Even in a warm place, lighting a fire is vital to cooking stuff. Especially if you went hunting and managed to chase an animal, you must cook that. Eating raw meat could harm your health since it will have microorganisms that eventually heat will kill. If you don’t cook that, this microbial may cause further trouble, and it would be better not to eat something like that. To get it started, remember that fire needs three things to exist: oxygen in the air we breathe, a burning material like wood, and heat.
  3. Sheltering
    If you have to spend your night there, making a small shelter is better. Put some leaves on the bottom, and if you find a cave, perhaps you can hide there and protect yourself from rain or snow. Wherever you choose to sleep, ensure you are not entering hostile territories of wildlife. If you see female animals with their babies, remember they can become aggressive.
  4. First aid
    First aid is not necessarily important, only in case you get stuck in the woods. Being able to provide help in cases of emergency is something that will prove beneficial in other cases as well. Perhaps you are in the wild forest, and there is absolutely no need for first aid, but that may have been useful when you were swimming at the beach and almost drowned. Having a seminar about that can save lives, and yes, we recommend you do it.
  5. Signals
    Eventually, at some point, you will need to get out of this situation. Making a signal so others can find you is last but not least. Using the fire, you have started before will prove a life-saver. Just make sure the fire is in an open space, so nothing stands in the way of the smoke, and the smoke can be visible from far away. Having a relatively big fire that creates more smoke is also useful and the last piece of advice we can give.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Survival Skills – 5 Things You Should Know To Make It Out There
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