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4 Unique Questions To Understand Someone’s Personality

It is interesting how people will ask anything to build a solid opinion about someone they meet. However, the answers to these questions will rarely lead us to understand the other individual as a human being. They allow us to put labels, characterize them, or even talk about them to other people. Still, they are not enough to gain a deep understanding of another soul. A visit to a professional therapist might surprise us. Therapists can ask questions that will help us understand who we are and allow us to get closer to our inner nature. Similar questions can be asked to people we want to interact with and get to know. In this article, we share some of these questions that will give us a hint of what is going on in other people’s deeper levels of consciousness.

  1. How do you picture yourself in 5 years?
    This is a common question for people who work in therapy since it challenges people to become ambitious and not be afraid of making plans for the future. If you decide to ask this question to someone you know, do not wait for a quick response. The most likely thing to happen is that they will need a few minutes to answer back. They will probably admit this is a tricky one. Perhaps they will not even answer at all. If they do, this means that they feel comfortable with you and have an idea of who they are and what pleases them. Therefore, they have managed to take the next step and imagine how their lives will evolve in the next five years.
  2. Which historical event do you admire?
    Even though you will never hear a therapist asking a question like that, it is a rather important question. To be honest, similar questions are being asked among companies of young people. Rephrasing the question, you could hear something like ”Which is your favorite band?” While it sounds completely different, it has a common element. In both cases, we ask someone to tell us who they admire. The second question could give us a clue about the role models of the other person, while the question that is focused on history will give a better and more profound understanding of how the individual thinks. A historical event has many aspects that determine its significance, and this is how opinions can be formed. In addition, we might learn more about the person’s beliefs, which are also vital.
  3. Is there something you would never forgive?
    At this point, we become more personal. Here, we are fearless in going straight to the point and asking whether the other person has weaknesses. It is like asking if they are so immature that they would be unable to forgive. Considering that no one is perfect, there is nothing wrong with that, and this is why this question is normal. At the same time, we refuse to use other sources, like history, to reach conclusions about other people, and this is what makes this question so direct. Moreover, it indeed allows us to learn an important piece of information and use it for future reference. If we finally get to hang out with each other, it would be nice to know what to avoid doing if we do not want to hurt them.
  4. How would you prefer to leave this world?
    Ok, this sounds scary, and if you decide to make this question, make sure it is accompanied by a joke and a sense of humor since people can easily misunderstand you. There are several answers one could give. Some people would like to die on the battlefield and be admired like heroes. Others would prefer the comfort of their own bed, where they could be surrounded by their beloved ones and come to terms with the idea of death. Some will say they would like that to happen during a pleasant activity, and perhaps this is how they would like to say ”goodbye” to this wonderful world. This way, you understand whether people care about pleasures, other people’s opinions, relationships, etc.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - 4 Unique Questions To Understand Someone’s Personality
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