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The Science About Happiness And Its Rules

Recent scientific research has come to shed some light on how happiness is conquered, which parameters affect it, and what we can do to attract it. All these valuable details are discussed thoroughly in today’s article.

The scientific data about happiness
Scientific research reveals that genes are responsible for 48% of a person’s happiness or misery. In other words, they define an individual’s ability to accept things in an optimistic way rather than being a pessimist. Real facts drive the other 40%. There are things out there that can make people happy and things that can make us feel disappointed and sad. Here, the financial status, family background, and the country’s political situation can play a crucial role, among others. We mainly talk about society’s responsibility and how humans have decided to structure their communities. The last 12% is the parameter we can control. It may be the smallest piece of the pie, but still, it is vital. This 12% refers to our own unique choices. Whether we will be happy or not is a matter of choice, after all. It is about how much we try, what values we recognize as important, and our perception of the world.

Where do we enter?
According to the research above, we, on our behalf, can focus on the last parameter of the three mentioned. It’s not that we cannot fight for social change, but it is possible that results will only be visible to the next generations mostly. If you are the type of person who can find happiness by following this path, then this is a great thing to do. Let’s not forget that entrepreneurs and revolutionists have had an amazing impact on human history.
Doctors out there claim that we can even change our genes, so nothing is impossible, but this is a whole different story that requires a unique approach. The truth is that our role is to shape this 12% in a way that will prove helpful for us. Breaking the theory down, sociologists again suggest that there are three things a person can do.

  1. Knowing who you are
    Self-consciousness has been praised over the past years, while in the past, it was a concept that only people of the spiritual world would attempt to explore. Today, however, we know how important that is and what huge doors it can open to our experience of the world. Plus, we all understand that we are more than the sum of skills and talents we use to get a job, find a life partner, or succeed.
  2. Knowing what surrounds you
    People perceive the world in a dual way, the individual and the surrounding. Once they have learned a few things about themselves, they try to understand others and how the world functions. In many cases, understanding the world helps us find out things about ourselves and vice-versa. It is a two-way road, which is why people want to discover both.
  3. Evaluating your power
    Knowing whatever the reality is for them, people will try to manage their time and powers. We often tend to overestimate ourselves and set our goals too high. The result is that we get disappointed and achieve less stuff than we would if we had done a correct evaluation of our powers. In other words, people have to choose what they will deal with and see if they have the available resources to do it in terms of time, stamina, and strength; this is the last part of the process.

The closure
A saying of the Balcan culture goes like this: ”The way things turned out is pretty fine, but even if they had turned out differently, they would still be fine.” The magnificence of this saying is that people have managed to capture the idea that regardless of what is going on in reality, it is we who determine whether we will embrace them or not. In other words, no matter what life brings to us, we will still choose to be happy.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - The Science About Happiness And Its Rules
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