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How JC White, Founder & CEO of T3 Body, Founded a Business Empire Focused on Fitness for Entrepreneurs

JC White, Founder & CEO of T3 Body
JC White, Founder & CEO of T3 Body (Image courtesy: CEOWORLD magazine/FILE PHOTO.)

As an entrepreneur himself, JC White, CEO of T3 Body, knows that disruptors, founders, and creators approach fitness in the same innovative way they approach business. 

That’s why White, a fitness industry guru and influencer, founded a company to help them reach their physical goals. 

“Entrepreneurs are unique in the way they approach getting fit. They are often already self-starters with strong accountability,” said White. “Perseverance helps people get to their long-term goals, and founders don’t often struggle with that aspect. But, even if they have spent their time focused on business and are starting their fitness journey far from their goals, it doesn’t matter. We are all about learning from failures and continuing toward goals — that’s something entrepreneurs enjoy about the process.”

Though White is a former professional bodybuilder that has been featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness twice, was named Santa Monica Trainer of the Year, and was the youngest ever competitor in the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF) at 22 years old, he didn’t gain an interest in fitness until his college years. 

His journey to founding T3 Body is an interesting one in which many will see some aspects of their own life’s story — especially those with an entrepreneurial streak. 

Losing His Direction

In White’s earlier years, he was passionate about playing sports — basketball, particularly, but didn’t think much about health or fitness. 

When he went away to college, he hoped to play basketball for his school. He even harbored dreams of going pro one day. However, his mindset was suffering, his motivation was lacking, and imposter syndrome whispered in his ear that he wasn’t good enough. 

He ended up sleeping through the tryout, getting down on himself, and spiraling into depression. 

“I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and worthless. I thought I could have a future in basketball, and I couldn’t even pull myself out of bed to go to tryouts. It was rough,” he said. 

Finding Himself Through Fitness

It took a friend dragging him to the gym to finally pull him out of his dark place. Though he didn’t want to go, he fell in love with weight-lifting right away. He knew that it felt good to use his muscles, that he felt great in mind and body afterward, and he loved that it shifted his mindset back to a place of positivity, goals, and discipline.

In retrospect, the fitness entrepreneur looks back on that bleak period with love. Because he believes that, without it, he never would have fallen in love with fitness and started down the path to his dream career. 

After dedicating himself to fitness, he began competing and landed in worldwide federations and on magazine covers. In those years, he learned a lot about the physical and mental components of health and fitness. He knew that someday he wanted to expand that knowledge and share what he’d learned with others. 

Today, T3 Body is known as a revolutionary approach to online fitness that partners with science to help clients achieve incredible results by incorporating blood analysis and biomechanical screenings.

“That’s why I founded T3, to try and help others clear the blockages that keep them from optimal fitness, mental and physical health,” explained White. “It’s a mindset journey rather than a physical journey. That’s why I got into coaching to help people find accountability and success.”

The T3 Body Approach

Since opening his doors, White has coached clients who have never stepped foot in a gym before alongside world-class athletes with recognizable names. For each, he helps them to identify their goals and then creates a proven scientific coaching program that incorporates biofeedback, bloodwork, and biomechanics to help them reach their summits.

“We help clients build optimal mindsets and bodies. We want them to sustain the results over time,” said White.

He founded T3 Body to help others that struggle with their mental health, lack of time, or career stress become their best selves and look and feel great at any age or stage of life. 

His clients love the results. Not only do they look better and feel stronger, but they often report that their work with White, which goes far beyond standard personal training, helps them sleep better, suffer less in stressful situations, and improve their self-esteem. 

“When people talk about fitness solutions, it’s always vanity, it’s about appearances. But for us at T3, it’s a modality. It’s an entire approach to life,” he said. 

Using White’s story as motivation, it’s easy to see where each of us can begin enacting changes to make ourselves healthier, inside and out.

About JC White and T3 Body

JC White is the Founder & CEO of T3 Body, an online, science-backed fitness coaching and consulting company to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves. The former professional bodybuilder is an AmeriHealth partner and award-winning Men’s Fitness cover athlete. For more information about how he helps clients develop tailored and personalized lifestyle programs, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - How JC White, Founder & CEO of T3 Body, Founded a Business Empire Focused on Fitness for Entrepreneurs
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